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Numerology/Astrology for 6/4/ 21

6/4/ 21 represents the number= 15 Include the 6+ 4+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 15. Or 1+ 5= 6. The Number 6 reminds us that going within is the key to self-discovery. This type of patience allows for the revelation of the inner selves of others. I experience everyone needs to feel safe, to allow others in. I catch I even need to feel safe with myself to let “Me” in. Safe is so important because it is the only way that we can grow. I believe that is why spiritual doctrines and patterns have arisen the ways that the government has. They intentionally create an atmosphere of safety that is conducive to opening spiritually and receiving guidance. Peculiarly when there is a teacher that we revere, respect, and want to emulate. For a thousand years( at least) most spiritual the procedures and schoolings necessitated monasteries for the protection of its inmates. They understood that it is more difficult to learn spiritual tools if one is constantly under threat or attempting to survive. That is why having our academies threatened is so detrimental to our youngster. What kind of world are we making if our children are afraid of someone coming in and shooting them. Why are we permitting our government to create a generation of children that will become adults running the substances of “fight or flight” on a daily basis. This it dreadful for the health care systems, specially the mental health care systems. It appoints a society of adults that have trouble focusing. And a fear-based society is a vicious one likewise. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon rebounds in the brave and driven sign of Aries. That allows our spirits to drive us forward in ways that stimulate us socially engaged and quick on the draw. As it trines with the Sun in Gemini, it will include a dose of fervor and the desire to engage with others in a so much better engendered practice. Immense notions could surface. If that happens we would be wise to let them run. The Moon likewise trines Saturn giving a calmer overflow to that same drive. It draws the vitality easier to handle and feel more freshening. Taint and Jupiter also want to play within this forceful realm yielding a beneficial approach to that new idea and causing us to find new ways to improve our present circumstances. Prosperity is in the air and that feels wonderful. Exert all this vigour to stay caused in progressive ways. Spoil and Jupiter are in water signs and that gives us quite a bit of focus to help us bring something new forth. ~Suzanne Wagner~


I am in the sweltering heat of Fresno and while it was 107 yesterday, fortunately because it is dry heat, it felt more like 90. That is good news for me because I do not do heat well at all anymore. Perhaps that is why I love living in northern California. Temperate weather, more ocean moisture, and not so red-hot. For me, it is perfect. I entertain how much I have changed and how so much better I will need to change before I am done with this incarnation. This life has been all about learning to let things croak that do not serve my health and well-being. That includes everything from beings, to hassles, trying too hard-bitten, feeling guilty, and telling go of types of exercise. While I have affection and enjoyed the benefits from my perfectionistic area, I can tell you that in the long run it has caused psychological, mental, and spiritual disagreement. And the stress has impacted my physical body. Now, at this age, there is no more wiggle room. I cannot push myself into gaps that cause me discomfort without carefully evaluating whether they will positively or negatively impact my form and health. Don’t are wrong … I loved all the movement and dancing that I have done in all the many forms. I still dream of dancing and I probably ever will. I watch others dance and I well known that feels within my own body exactly by witnessing them. But meter constantly reminds us that we are here for only a short time and that stress is the ultimate killer. That is why I keep backing away from certain things. What I been fucking loving this process is that I no longer feel as if I have anything to prove to anyone. What I too love about being in this place is that while I still have so much to give, I no longer need to fit it into anyone’s constants. I don’t need to fit into a carton that aligns with another’s ego. I don’t need to belong in someone else’s “box of chocolates.” What is more amazing, is that this place is not lonely or alone. It is filled with wonder and satisfied and others who also have stepped off the “hamster wheel” of the ego and into the genuine formulation within. I am sure there are many more things to learn and let go of. I am on a road that has a specific revelation that is designed for me to understand. All I can do is keep opening up to that instant. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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