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Numerology/Astrology for 9/29/ 20

9/29/ 20 is the number 6. If you include the 9+ 2+ 9+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 24. 2+ 4= 6 Listen, can you hear the heartbeat of a world-wide struggling for peace. The list six cycles around every few eras to remind us of what we know is important. That subtle but profound connection that every living thing has to this planet, this place and term, and one another. This figure cycles in because in our childish actions we forget the importance of connection and intercourse. We forget the power and soothing ability of quality and silence. We readily release the self-discipline to sit and wait for the right total body feeling before we are moving forward. We forget to listen to the promptings of our centre over our principal. So today, stop and listen to that inner voice that can give you the deeper insight and knowing “youve been” trying. In the silence you will find your region in this world, your purpose, and the meaning of this moment in time and how it applies to your raise that will be essential for your soul’s evolution through time. You are old and ancient. You are wise and wonderful. You merely rarely forget that what you think is not really real. Then you make the ego take over and is ongoing to take more and more power until the someone knowing and acquaintance is hushed to the point that you forget who you are and your special home in this world. It takes these times to strip the ego down and get back to what is really important. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Tuesday, Saturn stops vanishing retrograde and decides to change course. You will feel the weight of a heavy responsibility on your shoulders as all the slice that are not yet finished come forward and into your actuality. Do one stair at a time. Its own responsibility are yours and yours alone. Your drawbacks may seem to block you at every turn. There believe that this is directions in the sand everywhere. You are tippy-toeing through a minefield of the beliefs of others. But you should be careful because you are playing a hazardous recreation of hop-scotch. But the standard rules seem a bit sketchy. Like you are destined to miscarry no matter which action you go. Regardless you have to move forward. There is a lack of guarantees in life. You and your actuality is at stake. That is the way of things in this reality. Notice the tension and moves forward, one big stair at a time. Don’t approach your schedule on others. They will be crabby and out of sorts for the next few months. Regardless of what you think and require, you cannot control parties under this impatient Mars as it challenges Saturn. One requirements it right now( Mars) and one wants to look at the long term aims and strategies( Saturn ). While you have felt blocked for a while now, know that the tide is turning. But to move forward expect to encounter continued blocks. There is no smooth sailing going forward. Your motivation is impeded by a lack of energy. Know that you are going to come disfavour that is intended to create a lack of confidence. Be patient. Laugh at the shallow try of others to break your flavor. While there are limits, you can reach awareness adjustments to speed and cadence. After all, “youre in” a cyclone. No intelligent sailor has the skippers up in a gale so they can get through the storm faster. That they are able to just drop the boat. Impatience is a sign of immaturity. The Sun and Chiron defend and so I advocate to not react at all to those trying to use confrontation as a means of shaking your resolve. Everyone has already decided what is important to them and no one is going to change their attentions at this stage of the game. Have faith in the process. Notice what you have learned. I have learned how strong my moral perseverance is. I have learned that I will ever choose to do what is right over any persuade tricks or manipulations of others. I have learned how many beings are hiding their own racism and bigotry behind the face of a crazy. It is scandalizing to realize how unsophisticated humanity is and how blind they will be to protect their own damage. If you find yourself in reaction to this crazy world that means that you are still learning to step back and away from drama and into a most objective and grow thinker. Take a breath…step back….let the world sort itself out…trust the process….there is more happening than you can currently perceive. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Quote The sunlight is glittering. The lizards are descending. The breath heateds in one final move for life before the deepen. And the alteration is coming. The footsteps are drumming. We watch is again as this life approach itself to the brink of an purpose. ~Suzanne Wagner~


It is important to remember in these times that within each person is a sinner and a saint. Autobiography has shown us example after endless illustration of good people doing awful and terrifying things since they are believe what they are told. Or that they were only doing what the law required them to do. All groups of power and control have fallen victim to this phenomena in the earthly plane. It matters not if it is a religion, a government, or the compounding thereof. There are always good beings in both and bad beings in every group. The one that switches you is the right one that you feed internally and externally. That is why I earned from a young age to never ever grant my supremacy away to anyone for any reason. While I believe that all men and woman have equal capacity that does not mean they are all on an equal tier of progressed awareness. Extended learning and academic abilities do not impress me because it is meaningless if such person or persons establishes selections that clearly cause harm. “Theres no way” any person can justify defending any person who keeps children in encloses and separates them from the families of such for any reason. It constitutes a form of modern bondage and torture and stains the honour of anyone who concurs, forgives, or grants such actions to continue. There is no reason that anyone can use … that apologizes separating one radical from another and labeling them as inferior. It is so absurd to my brain that I do not even live in such a dystopia or mindset. It is illogical beyond belief. It evidences a person’s ignorance and shortfall of ground. Most of the greatest fabrications in the world were not done by Caucasians. Most of the greatest verse, prowes, music, and literature was not developed precisely by one tiny group. Most of the science and math were created by those in the Middle eastern and China. To illude to anything else is so false and such an laughable lie that I have to jest at the simple judgment that can adhere to such aberration. Because it proves a soul that has nothing to compare to than their immediate environment. Time not dishonor the great gift you have been given of a human rights by needing some lofty creed that you are superior because you associate with oppressors. Ability does not always translate into productive applications that support the people. More often than not, those that strive the power are weak. That is why they need so much attention, exaltation, and acclaim. Such people do not interest me. I plaza no appreciate in the sheer accumulation of ability. If you have a kind heart. I find you interesting. If you stand up for those that cannot protect themselves you have my respect. If you live a life based on compassion and kindness, I will support you to the end of periods. I return nothing of those deep personal qualities haphazardly or readily. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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