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Numerology/Astrology for 9/8/ 20

9/8/ 20 is the number 3. If you lend the 9+ 8+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 21. 2+ 1= 3. There is a way to move and pour in these times without feeling the tremendous highs and lows that we are all experiencing. We are in a tremendous time. One for the history books. The demises of so many hang in the delicate a better balance between our picks over the next few months. The count 3 is the number that attempts to break us out of duality into a home of purity with kindness. Magic happens in 3’s. Angels and steers speak to us and repeat things and phenomena three times to get our attention in this density. Notice if you have things repeating. Perhaps you witness three coppers on the road. Perhaps you wake up and the clock says, 3:33. Notice repeating motifs and try to determine what the send is from spirit to you. There is the perspective from the first person, the “I”. That can only be labeled egoic. Doing things just for your own pleasure and possession is greedy and tremendously restriction. Then you try to take on the perspective of others, “the number 2”. You look beyond your own perspective into the perspective of another. It allows you to grow and see from a very new reality. And the quantity 3 gives you the neutrality to see past self, past others, and into the place of find both. From that arrange you will not get caught in desiring( the amount 1) and jeopardizing( the numeral 2 ). It is that objective state that is the most difficult to handle. Because you have to know yourself( the digit 1) and be able to look into the heart and desires of another( the list 2 ). Only then can you use that info inclusively rather than exclusively. And that will give you an advantage in “real world” employments. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today The Moon tries to stabilize us as it is in Taurus. But it registers Gemini at dinnertime tonight. While most of the day things seem to move more slowly in a sort of essential and plodding consistency, later on the communication increases and were becoming increasingly of a curiosity. Expect to handle multiple things for the next two days. You might be amazed at how much you can get done. The Sun is going towards a trine with Jupiter. Everyone will feel a higher degree of ebullience but know that the unstable people that want to create more chaos will also feel righteous in its own position and want to push their acces onto others. The Mars in Aries continues to reach everyone reactive, passive-aggressive, and move from their temper rather than their manner centre. You know what you need to lead with. Souls are always better and lead from a plaza that has fewer miss. Really know that major decisions are not cautioned right now. Impair is preparing to go retrograde and it tends to cause confusion and ambivalence as it stops in the sky. You are changing gears and was just trying to down change. Be careful. Slow down a bit now before you will have to shift those realities. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Quote Being planned helps you not panic. Panic promotes poor picks. Inadequate choices can lead to severe upshots. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Well our fuel cooking has given us a test run. The fervours in California have affected a bit close to home as a residence about 5 miles from us caught on fire. And now a ardour is burning( not towards us) but east and a bit north. We are listening to the police scanner and our wonderful neighbors are working to get the best information. If they bug out….so do we. We are in this together. I hope that this trajectory stands and excludes us safe. In the afternoon we tend to get an ocean breeze that moves east. Which( hopefully) will keep us out of harm’s way. Crossing paws and toes that everything will work out. At the moment our van and automobile are packed. We wants to rumble at a moment’s notice. Keep California in your petitions. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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