October 2020 Energy Forecast – Reimagine Your Life Purpose

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October 2020 Energy Forecast- Reimagine Your Life Purpose

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive counselor-at-law and happy coach with your October forecast. And October is a month that comes along formerly every blue moon, because this is the blue moon month. And that represents there’s a certain amount of ferocity to this month as well.

We’re in the last quarter of the year, which is fantastic actually, because that mean you uttered it through the first three quarters of a very intense year. Yet these last couple of months, peculiarly October, November, are going to bring a certain level of severity and I want you to be prepared for it.

So, as I mentioned, this is a blue moon month. So, blue moons makes there was two full moon in one calendar month and full moon bring about a certain amount of high-pitched octave feelings. They bring your affections to light-headed. They expand your feelings and they’re a wake up call, right?

So that’s what we’re experiencing this month. There’s a lot of vitalities coming together that are all divinely designed to bring your awareness to certain aspects that have been buried inside of you and the world.

Reimagine Your Life Purpose

And there’s a lot of conflicting exertions coming together because it’s 2020 and that’s what’s happening. So I want you to be prepared for it. In addition to these full moons, one of the first of the month, and one of the last day of the month that are, that are amplifying your passions, Mercury is going retrograde on October 13 th, and it’s going to end its retrograde on November 3rd.

And if that time resounds familiar, it’s because that is election day here in the United Mood and the universe has a sense of humor. So everything leading up to that, there’s a lot of jumble around ballots and mail.

And so Mercury conventions, all of those areas of transportation and communication. So that’s why it’s very additional inspired, if you live in the United Country, to check everything against your country website, make sure your signature accords your driver’s license poll early.

Hand drop your ballot instead of using the postal service and drop it off at your election office. These things are really encouraged because this Mercury is going retrograde all through this lead up period. So of course, there’s this confusion as well. So you really want to be prepared.

October 2020 Energy Forecast

Like I said, vote, if you live in the United Position, poll early, if you are eligible to, and by hand and you want to double check everything, go on the website and make sure you’re cross-file all of that. Okay. And so that you are well aware, it travels direct on November 3rd and the days that Mercury becomes retrograde and direct, it’s kind of like, it’s very jarring.

It’s almost like a bus stopping really quickly, or like, it’s like, woo. You know, and there’s this it’s can be kind of jarring and things can get toppled. And that’s why this whole time right now is very jarring. I think in general, it’s not just the working day that the Mercury is stationing, it’s a chaotic time in the world.

And in addition to Mercury going retrograde in general, that can be very confusing, and having communications snafus, it is retrograde in Scorpio. Now Scorpio is a sign that is very emotionally intense and very deep. Now all of the Mercury retrogrades in 2020 are in sea signs.

Reimagine Your Life Purpose

And that’s part of why it’s been a very emotional time because irrigate is associated with emotion and heart. So as your knowledge, which is connecting with the deepest part of your heart, cures connect you to your truth.

And Scorpio is the sign that really connects “youre going to” your truth, right? Scorpio is all about, what’s been buried under the dark probably to keep you safe at some point in time. But now it’s like, time to be more truthful to yourself. It’s time to be more truthful with how you convey yourself.

You know, if there’s aspects that you’ve been hiding from the world, because you don’t want to rock the boat, or you don’t want people to know something about you, or you’re afraid of any kind of conflict or whatever this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is schooling you to be more honest in how you express yourself. Maybe you’re going to be sharing parts of yourself that you’ve preserve hidden.

October 2020 Energy Forecast

And when they’re hiding in the shadow, they actually bring about more conflict and more pain. So the more true-life you are to yourself and the more true you are to who you show as being yourself, how you utter yourself, then actually eventually you compose less conflict because you’re bring back, you’re attract and parties and circumstances who appreciate you and love you for whom you , not who they expect you to be.

That’s really important right now for you to express your personal truth. There’s going to be other components that are going to be wreaking that up for you because Mar is also retrograde in Aries. And Mars is very fiery Aries as a ardor indicate, Mars conventions Aries. Now Mars has been an area since the end of July. Mars is going to be an Aries until the beginning of January.

So it’s in Aries for a really long time. That’s part of why we have this fiery power right now. And as soon as this energy happened, “weve had” these detonations in Beirut. And then we had these fervours now out West in the United States. This has combustible vigour. I was talking about this fiery exertion back in July, about how this is going to be a theme throughout the rest of the year.

Reimagine Your Life Purpose

And it’s not just our ingredients in environmental matters. This is brewing within you. Taints is eventually a personal planet. And so is Mercury. So these forces, you’re feeling these in a very personal way right now. So what Spoils in Aries, especially as it’s retrograde and it will be retrograde through November 13 th.

Now what this Mars retrograde in Aries is coaching you is to get in touch with what flamings you up. Get in touch with your infatuation, going in touch with what is really important to you. It’s like a stewing intensity, but there’s other aspects that Mars retrograde and Aries is educating you because Mars is a forward moving planet.

And, and it’s the planet of vitality and power. And you may feel like, you are well aware, you don’t have that anymore. This year has been wearying, right? And the lesson in that and the appeal in that is that sometimes you get so depleted that you can not care what other people “ve been thinking about” you anymore.

October 2020 Energy Forecast

You’re like, you know what, who cautions? I don’t even care anymore. I precisely need to do what’s important to me because that’s the best action forward, right? And likewise because you are getting in touch with what shoots you up, you are getting in touch with. What’s really important when you don’t have a lot of energy.

And when things are kind of crazy in your external environment, it actually helps you fine tune your purpose. It certainly helps you fine tune. And “its what” retrogrades are about. They’re about reevaluating, everything. So you are reevaluating your stated purpose right now.

You’re getting right to the core of things. What is my passion and why am I really here and what is not lighting me up inside anymore? And is it really worth hanging on to, these are large-scale spiritual exercises that you are learning right now.

Reimagine Your Life Purpose

And they’re really going to be brought to illuminated in October. In addition to that, yep there’s more force. October, 2020 is a five universal month. And five is the number of revolution. Now we’re having a five universal year. Now October of every year ever gives you a little taste of what the next year is going to be about. So there’s this revolutionary vigor. There’s this vitality of, we’re not going to take it anymore, right?

So there’s, there’s an vitality of a personal revolution. Like I need to do something new. I need to branch out in ways that are more truthful to myself because I can’t take this anymore. I have to be true to myself. The five energy can be a lot of fun. So this is teaching you to be delightful. It’s teach you to have fun and to roar and to connect with likeminded souls.

This is energy of the 5, right? To try new things, to expand, to have adventure, to share what’s in your expression, which is associated with the fifth chakra, right? This is all great. So these are the lessons of this very kind of challenging energy. These are incredible tasks to carry forth, and we have this beautiful balancing energy of this because through the majority of members of the month, until the 22 nd, the sun’s going to be in Libra.

October 2020 Energy Forecast

And Libra is a beautiful balancing energy. Libra is the energy of the statesman and the master it’s ruled by Venus. And “weve been” need that right now. Right? And Libra is a Cardinal sign. It’s not about being passive. This is Cardinal is about action oriented, right?

So this is about very much being active. About the beloved and grace you want to bring into the world. Which introduces us to our three war stairs, because I genuinely want to give you some concrete ways that you can navigate this, you are well aware, amazingly teaching energy.

Firstly War Step

So your first act stair is to create space for yourself because there’s so much going on in the world countries. And there’s so much chaotic power, and there’s a lot of indignation, right? You certainly need to take this time and this infinite to process your energy, to calm your nervous system, to recognise what’s important to you.

You must be taking that cavity for yourself and also make room in your docket. Because of so many retrogrades and because it’s so emotional, things are not going to go as meant. So you have to plan for things not to go as schemed. If you know what I’m saying, you have to create some wiggle room in your calendar.

Especially with this, Mars retrograde. Now, you can’t really push forward if the universe is telling you to cool your airplanes, right? So you want to make sure you’re taking that time and that space to allow for life, to have its ups and downs. And it’s, you are well aware, roller coaster kind of energy. That’s going to happen this month.

Second War Step

Now, your second activity step is to respond instead of react. I hope I’ve made it very clear that there’s going to be some tumultuous power in the ethers, and you will be triggered. I can guarantee you will be triggered. That’s a one thing you can count on , not this certain, right?

So, you really don’t want to say anything that’s going to contribute to any outcry or any drama or anything like that. You don’t want to fuel any flaming. So it’s really important that as you’re go this time and this infinite more, to tune into yourself, that before you say something or, or contribute to any kind of escalation, you don’t want to react while you’re feeling emotionally charged.

You want to go that time to find a way to be direct while being diplomatic. So call upon that Libra energy. Call in Venus to find ways to be kind as you communicate who you absolutely are. You certainly don’t want to get involved in any social media, tit for tat type of things. Right?

Third Action Step

Okay. You get that. Now, your third war pace is to cultivate beauty. This is one of Libra’s most beautiful instructions, and the world needs this right now. You know, the world is feeling kind of ugly sometimes at the moment. There’s so much segment and so much anger, right? So much that I think we’re feeding the wrong force. We’re cultivating the wrong vigor. It’s as if we want to create a culture of affection, we must cultivate enjoy, right? So if you want to live in a culture of perfection, there is a requirement foster it.

And this is what Libra learns you. This is why it is an action familiarized signaling. You have been established by. That’s active, right? To raise, that’s a doing vigor. So it’s actually your job to create an energy of kindness and desire and elegance, where you go to use your words to uplift and arouse others, to use your power, to create calm and love and peace and pleasure, and appoint charm around you and do artwork. Art is so healing.

And you know, if you are ever in the zone, even if you’re not do prowes for art’s sake, if you’re prepare or gardening, you’re in that zone where you’re, you’re in that process of cocreation, it’s a terribly nonviolent and joyful zone. And that’s where you can really get some intuitive downloads as well. So you want to create as much of that as you maybe can.

October 2020 Energy Forecast- Reimagine Your Life Purpose

So really tell that be your mantra. As you move forward through this month, how can I nurture more perfection, charm, and desire in my life and in the world, it’s really special. And as you do that, you are contributing to the greater good in impressive ways.

Now, of course, I have something to help you. I’ve created a free usher to navigate the retrogrades by your crowd, by your personal numerology, because every numerology, every life route quantity answers differently. So you can download that free guidebook to Mercury retrograde by the numbers. You can download that using the link below. And I certainly help you to do that because you’re going to need some assist, right? So too take all the help that you can get.

Now, if you’ve enjoyed this video, I hope that it has helped you. And if you feel that it can help someone else share it with them, I know they will be grateful that you did that. And I am caring you an utterly awe exhilarating, magnificent October and beyond filled with so much passion, exultation and allure. I love you. Plenties of ardour. Bye for now.

October 2020 Energy Forecast- Reimagine Your Life Purpose

PHEW! October is here and we’re in the last quarter of the year!

It’s 2020 so guess what? We’re leading for an intense month. There’s a cosmic brew of fiery exertion that’s about to heat up.

We begin this month with an impassioned Full Moon in Aries. On Halloween we’ll be blessed with another Full moon making this a BLUE MOON month.

Emotions will pass high.

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from October 14 – November 3. Disfigures is retrograde in Aries. These personal planets in retrograde will have you re-evaluating everything. No stone will be left unturned.

In numerology, October 2020 is a 5 Universal Month. 5 imparts some extra theatre and a bit of conflict as well.

Thankfully, our Sun will be in loving Libra for most of the month, drawing some much-needed diplomacy.

In this October 2020 astrology and numerology forecast, I share with you how to steer these conflicting energies so you can experience peace, even when the world feels chaotic.

It CAN be a month full of exultation and cherish if you choose.

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Enjoy and share the love!

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