Our Fifteen-Year Wedding Feast at Cana

Our Fifteen-Year Wedding Feast at CanaOur Fifteen-Year Wedding Feast at Cana

My beloved and I celebrate fifteen years of marriage this year. I am so happy and grateful to be celebrating this anniversary with her!

As this anniversary has approached, I have invested much go crying and wondering on our attempt to live our wedding for each other’s good and according to God’s plan. I have envisioned it as an ongoing wedding feast, and I meditate the story of the bridal feast at Cana caters an astonishing lens through which we can see our own wedlock. There is so much in that episode that applies to and illuminates our fifteen-year journey, or anyone else’s marriage journey.

The very first words of the biblical storey are “on the third day….” Of course, there is another miracle that happened “on the third day.” When I predict these messages, straight off, I connect them to the Resurrection. With that affair in head, I think of how much better my life is because my wife and I fell in love and chose to enter into this wonderful sacrament of matrimony. Our relationship, and the forgivenes it bring along, surely has been the larger part of my own resurrection to brand-new lifetime. I pray that it is the same for her!

Early in this story, I read, “Jesus too was invited to the marriage, with his disciples.” This imparts to me that a healthful, holy, and “successful” marriage raises Jesus and the Church to the exceedingly center. That certainly has been our effort over a decade and a half. I am forever grateful that my partner cured me find my room to the fullness of religion in Jesus and the Church. I don’t know what would have become of my life without it. I adore treading this pilgrimage of faith with her by my area, and I very much hope that she will promise to keep walking next to me!

Related to this, I predict the detailed information that “the mother of Jesus was there.” Growing up as a nominal Christian and spending several years in debauched living like the prodigal son, I did not know the grace, glamour, and dominance of having a relationship with our Blessed Mother. Now, after ambling with my wife, seeing her ripening devotion to Our Lady, and daily consecrating ourselves to her, I surely know the importance of having the mother of our Lord invited to our wedding. She has helped and taught us so much; and I is a well-known fact that she still has much to school and to give us.

Following this is a short phrase that has left a deeper mark upon me than any other. I speak, “When the wine failed….” Wine, we know, is a symbol of rejoice and spiritual fruitfulness. But can joy run out in a wedding such as ours? My wife and I certainly know that we have striven, even recently, to find such glee. It has seemed at times that God’s fruit in our lives is running out. Yet, we feel and we know that God’s grace will not fail. Even if we run low on pleasure or fruitfulness, He can and will make up what we lack, even what is lacking from each of us to the other. I pray that God is always filling up for my wife what I lack.

Then I place my noses on what is perhaps the most daunting command anywhere: “Do whatever he tells you.” This is, of course, the eventual description of our life of discipleship. We have complied with the will and commands of Jesus. For all of my adult animation as a Catholic, and for fifteen years of marriage, I have always tried to do this, and I is a well-known fact that my beloved have as well. Certainly, I have not always been successful. I have descended short, and for those ages I have implored her forgiveness. Every day, Jesus tells me to get up, try again, and keep going. I want to heed His direction.

Next, we come to a item that is likely to baffle us a bit; we predict of the six stone jars. To “whats being” these containers be likened? We might analogize them to the various areas of our lives that vie for our time, intensity, and other resources. These are also the things that effect how spouses relate to each other. I reckon every union has six such areas: our family, both immediate and extended; our temperaments and impatiences; resources for living( meter, exertion, nutrient, etc .); our numerous education, education, and employment; our financial outlook and our implementation of money; our sexuality. Any one of these areas might be a trigger for spouses. Any one of these areas might provide an opportunity to improve how we treat each other. Ultimately, these are the areas that need to be replenished. Let’s hope that we recognize those opportunities, and that those areas of our lives get filled with more of the Lord and less of us.

Jesus required the servants, “Fill the cups with water.” We try to fill up each of those six fields of life with our own talents, riches, and endeavours. As we know all to well, that can get us exclusively a little way on this arduous pilgrimage. Sometimes, at the end of a long, hectic week, we barely even have any water to put into one or more of those areas of life. Still, we know that the goodnes of God is at work, altering our natural bias and cleverness into the “good wine” that He wants to serve others through us. I cry repeatedly that God will serve “good wine” to my spouse through me.

I likewise notice a detail that isn’t written. The maids replenished the receptacles with ocean, gleaned it out, and made it to the steward as spray. It was along the way that it became wine. The slaves truly had no clue what was happening. They must have been stunned when they witnessed the new actuality, liquid that went in as spray and was drawn out as wine. Likewise, we really can be astounded when we come to know how Jesus has transformed our lives, even when we haven’t realized it along the way. I hope that I have situated the irrigate of my life at His disposal and my wife’s. I hope that I continue to do whatever He tells me to be a good husband, so that she gets to taste the delicious wine-coloured that He wants to serve to her. I know and adore that she hopes and tries to do the same for me.

We have been married for fifteen years. We have invited Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Church. We have invited Our Blessed Mother. We have recognized, and continue to recognize, our fractures and our deficiencies. We make every effort to turn over the areas of our lives to the Lord’s direction. With these as our guiding lights, by God’s grace, I pray that we have saved the better wine for the next fifteen years and more of our wedlock. I adore my bride fondly, and I will always do my best to serve the best wine, to accompanied elation to their own lives, until demise do us part.

image: The wed at Cana in Svateho Cyrila a Metodeje( Prague ), probably by Gustav Miksch and Antonin Krisan via Renata Sedmakova/ Shutterstock.com

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