Passive Purification

Presence of God- My God, illumine my room, that I may not go astray in the midst of the darkness of tribulation.

MEDITATIONAlthough it is possible for us to enter the night of the atmosphere by a charitable rehearse of total abstention and an intense exercise of the theological virtue, the authorities concerned will never be able to penetrate into its deepest part if God Himself does not place us there. Merely He can extend the darkness which encloses us in this night, so that we may be reduced to nothingness in all, to the point attaining the purity and poverty of flavour which are required for union. Far from taking the initiative, our duty is then reduced to accepting with love, to enduring with composure and humility all that God sets for us.

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In order not to defy the discern activity, we should remember that God generally refines people through the ordinary circumstances of life. In the life of every Christian, every apostle, every religious, there is always a measure of suffering sufficient to effect the purification of the tone. These are the sufferings which God Himself elects and disposes in the way best suited to the different needs of someones; but, unfortunately, few profit by them because few know how to recognize in the misfortunes of life the hand of God who wishes to purify them. Illness, bereavement, estrangement, separation from dear ones, misinterprets, conflicts, predicaments following sometimes from the very ones who should have been able to give help and support, collapse of acts that were cherished and sustained at the price of great proletariat, forsaking by friends, physical and spiritual solitude–these are some of the woes which are met with more or less in the life of every man, and which, we will find in ours. We must understand that all such things are positively willed or at least permitted by God precisely to refine us even to the particularly inmost fibers of our being. In the face of these ordeals, “were supposed to” never condemned the malice of men, or stop to examine whether or not they are just; “were supposed to” receive only the blessed side of God who offers us these fierce panaceas to draw perfect state to our person. St. John of the Cross writes: “It enormously behooves the being, then, to have patience and constancy in all the hardships and contests which God transmits it, whether they come from without or from within, and are spiritual or corporal, enormous or tiny. It must take them all as from His hand for its healing and its good, and not is removed from them, since they are health to it”( Living Flame of Love 2,30 ).

COLLOQUY“Teach me, my God, to suffer in conciliation the afflictions which You transmit me that my spirit may originating from the crucible like amber, both brighter and purer, to find You within me. Troubles like these, which at present seem unbearable, will eventually become light, and I shall be anxious to suffer again, if by so doing I can yield You greater service. And nonetheless numerous may be my bothers and abuses … they will all work together for my greater amplification though I do not myself bear them as they should be borne, but in a way which is most imperfect”( Teresa of Jesus Life, 30 ).

“O grandeur of my God! All the temptations and sorrows which You permit to come upon us, perfectly all, are said for our good, and if we have no other estimate, “when were” tried here below, than that of Your goodness, this will suffice for us to overcome every temptation.

“O Word of God, my sugary and loving Spouse, all dominance in heaven and on earth is Yours. You baffled and put to flight every antagonist. As for me, I am highly poor; I cannot accompany, being filled with misery and sins; but by Your slightest glance, O Word, You made all these antagonists to flight, like flecks of straw in the wind; first, however, You permit them to give battle to Your slaves, to realise these, Your slaves, more majestic. And “the worlds largest” the kindnes and light You want to give Your slaves, that they are able to cherish and know You better, the more do You try them by shoot and purify their nerves like amber, so that their moralities may shine like precious stones.

“By Your power, O divine Word, You confer strength for the combat, and he who wishes to fight manfully for Your majesty must first descend into the most profound knowledge of self, more all the while raising his middle to You, that he may not be confounded”( St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi ).


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Art for this post on passive purification: Maria Magdalena como melancolia( Mary Magdalene as Melancholy ), Artemisia Gentileschi, between 1622 and 1625, PD-US author’s life plus 100 years or less, Wikimedia Commons. Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, mirror from open beginning material.

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