Police Story: The Phantom Highwayman

SOME GHOSTS ARE known as” smart hauntings ,” atmospheres that momentarily return to deliver senses to loved ones and are able to interact with the living. Others are known as” residual hauntings ,” parties or events that seem to be recorded on the environment and, on occasion, replay, sometimes with both visuals and sound.

Residual hauntings are moments captured in time that through some uncharted mechanism of sort reappear to go through their gestures, again and again.

Police officer Steven C. and his partner witnessed simply such a residual haunting while on duty near the ghostly moors of Durham Country in northeast England. This is Steven’s story…

This event took place two nights before Halloween, 2012. Coincidently, it was my 35 th birthday. I’m a police officer, having worked for the Durham Constabulary( police force) in the U.K. for practically nine years. I am a unusually logical and rational party with an seeing for details and a great memory. You have to be to be a police officer; you rely on it.

However, I can find no excuse for what existed this night.

I work in a semi-rural setting, so it’s mostly inessential crime, such as break-ins and frauds. Nevertheless, I’ve had a fair few “odd” call-outs here there are still, but they almost always turned out to be nothing.

Around Halloween, however, the number of nuisance calls always goes through the roof! It’s usually drunken teenages( or adults !) doing things they shouldn’t or getting a little carried away with the spirit of things and scaring the elderly, etc. Never anything serious.


On this particular night, the two partners and I were patrolling our customary arena, which is a small town in County Durham. We’d had a few nuisance announces that night, so we were patrolling to show a police existence in the area.

At about 11.00 p.m. a entitle came up from an elderly couple in a farmhouse a short way out of town saying that they had been disturbed by somebody driving a mare and cab up and down the thoroughfare by their house.

A slightly extraordinary order, but we proceeded to check it out. The farmhouse was a short drive away via some back roads. I remember it was a very cold night for that time of year and there was a full moon, so the countryside sort of ” glowed” in the moonlight. Rather picturesque, but exceedingly chilly.


We arrived at the property around ten minutes later and were greeted by the husband. From the moment we stepped out of the car, my partner and I both felt something wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was the wind or the wintry in the air, but either way something felt “off”.

I requested the gentleman what happened, and he described discovering the music of a horse-drawn carriage and a man’s enunciate driving them up and down the road, occurring every 20 -3 0 minutes or so.

I expected the three men if he’d seen the mare and carriage as the alley moved right by his house. The elderly gent was indicated that he had tried to see it, but to no avail. I asks what he conveyed. Then he explained that he had gone out to the end of his drive as he examined the carriage approach.

He stood behind a tree, so as to be hidden. As the carriage turned the corner to pass his house, however, he could only verify the lamps of the carriage. No carriage , no colts , no party. Precisely lamps.

My partner and I mulled this a little strange. Surely, it must have been too dark for him to see the carriage. Either way, we said there was little we could do immediately, other than keep an eye out for the doubt and maybe ask him to give it a residue if we identified him. He thanked us and, genuine to our statement, we drove up the alley to give it the once over.


The lane eventually ranges off into the moors, so we didn’t want to go too far, given as it was a busy night for call-outs. After maybe a mile or so, my partner( I was driving) identified some headlights come over the hill in the distance. We joked it was the horse and carriage we were after, we are therefore attracted onto the side of the road.

As we observed, they appeared to be passing very fast. We immediately placed our “police” tops on again and prepared to pull somebody over for race. As the illuminates reaped nearer, nonetheless, we started to hear charging mares and clanging rotates.

The sound was a little ” off” though, like it was damped or repetition from about as far than it was. We looked at each other, completely startled and a little spooked.

Before I could even contact for the ignition, we witnessed the lightings should be drawn up over a jolt in the road immediately ahead of us. However , now it wasn’t just sunlights. I heard a exceedingly swooning, shimmering outline of a carriage, what was like two horses and, atop it, the outline of a figure.

I don’t know why, but as this apparition billed past us we both got the distinct feeling that the figure driving the carriage examined right at us! Merely as it extended us, the sound and the lamp ignites ended. The two partners said as it ended, he examined the slightest laugh( although I don’t recall that ).


My partner and I were completely spooked and more than a little uneasy after the accidents. Eventually, we plucked ourselves together and honcho back up the corridor and toward our normal patrol arena.

We decided not to stop in on the old duet, considering it “wouldve been” best not to scare them. For the rest of our shift, my partner and I never discussed what we saw, and it was only a couple of darkness later( on Halloween appropriately fairly) that we discussed it with some close friends.

We concurred not to be done in order to our directors with the information, but my partner did some investigating and ran an ad in a neighbourhood newspaper( anonymously ). The newspaper received calls and notes from beings from across County Durham saying that this footpath is recurred by a apparition coach.

One of the replies said that the supernatural is a highwayman trying to escape the authorities. Perhaps that’s why my partner heard him laugh at us as he delivered?

I don’t know. I do know that whereas I never used to believe in tones or souls or anything like that, I have a greater respect for it all now and remain convinced I’ve seen something, even if I’m not 100 percentage sure what it was.

Steven C.

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