Pray the Pentecost Novena for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit & for Our Confirmed

Pray the Pentecost Novena for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit & for Our ConfirmedPray the Pentecost Novena for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit & for Our Confirmed

My oldest son make preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation this year. Even better than good, we have the great blessing that his Confirmation liturgy is happening on Pentecost Sunday. My son will get to have his personal Pentecost on the working day that we commemorate the original Pentecost!

Now, he has been through two marvelous years of preparation for this sacrament, both at home with his mother, at our parish, and at clas where he is coached by the wonderful Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. Still, I wanted to find a way to provide one last huge ingredient to his formation as a young apostle of Jesus Christ. Asking for the Lord’s direction( because that’s always better than my own ), I was granted the idea of praying a Pentecost novena with him, leading up to Pentecost Sunday and the celebration of this great sacrament.

Why was this God’s answer, you may ask? Well, beyond the obvious tie, I think there are a couple of reasons that the Lord might require my family and yours to engage in this novena, leading up to Pentecost, as well as to Confirmations during the ritual year.

The first intellect is that any novena, all novenas, are based on the original novena of prayer leading up to the original Pentecost. Remember, on the day of the Ascension, that Jesus “charged them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father…”( Acts 1:4 ). Now, “the promise of the Father, ” ever referred to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, who was coming to baptize the apostles and followers in a new way. That Promise was spewed out after nine dates of waiting and prayer. No affair when we pray a novena or which novena we pray, we are connecting to those nine periods of petition between the Ascension and Pentecost. Every novena can be viewed as a request for the Lord to pour out His Spirit in a brand-new and potent method upon His Church.

Another reason that I am evoked to engage in this novena is because of the channel that the Holy Spirit has been working in my working life to accompanied His results to me. In Galatians 5:22 -2 3, we speak of nine realities that are called the “fruit of the Spirit.” Those are love, elation, serenity, composure, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These are actualities that every follower needs in his or their own lives, peculiarly teens, as they grow into their call to apostleship. Even better, our friends over at PrayMoreNovenas.com have developed a brand new Pentecost novena that focuses on one of these fruits every day. This really should set his teenage years on the right footing, and it should help me refocus and gain strength in my own commitment to discipleship.

I would like to challenge each and every Confirmation candidate and their parents to cry the Pentecost Novena, leading up to the day of each Confirmation liturgy , no matter which daytime it is celebrated. All you have to do is count down from nine, beginning on the day before the celebration of Confirmation.( For sample, if evidence going to get celebrated on a Friday, count downwards from nine beginning on Thursday. That meant that the novena prayers would begin on Wednesday of the previous week .) This will frame those candidates’ preparations on the right spiritual organization, which is the grace of God himself!

I would also like to challenge all loyal adherents, whether or not you have Confirmation campaigners this year, to pray the Pentecost Novena for a new and strong outburst of the fruits of the Holy Spirit on our Church and countries around the world. Certainly, we all know that we need the extraordinary kindness offered here. More than that, it will connect us to the new Pentecost, the brand-new spurt of the Holy spirit, for which popes since St. John XXIII have prayed fervently.

So, get ready to pray the Pentecost Novena. Make the commitment, even if you fail miserably at every novena you try to pray…like I do! If we do this, each of us will be part of bringing about the great transformation that we desire to see in the Church and in the world!

Editor’s note: Find the Novena to the Holy Spirit at PrayMoreNovenas.com. We likewise reccomend the book Seven Knacks of the Holy Spirit: Every Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to God’s Invincible Gifts by Dr. Kevin Vost as well as these articles to learn more about novenas 😛 TAGEND

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