Psychic Tarot Reading – Pick A Tarot Card

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Psychic Tarot Reading- Pick A Tarot Card

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Focus on the 5 Tarot placards. Do you feel one of the 5 Tarot placards has important information for you? Leap in, rely your first gut feeling, choose one using your own mystic skills and intuition. Scroll down for your answer.

Much love

Michele x

Tarot Card One- The 7 of Cups

Your dreams are awakening. Opportunities are opening. A oath of notice, opt carefully!

Tarot card two- The Devil

Look out for a desire the coming week. The Devil card talks to us about our cravings. The Devil is our shadow, the one that says yes to parties, addictions, hopes that we are familiar are damaging. It demonstrated by a wildernes meter with an inappropriate devotee!

Tarot card three- The Wheel Of Fortune

Look our for a quirk of demise this week. The motor of your mind journeying is turning.

Tarot Card Four- The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of feasibility. It’s time to own your dominance, to step into trusting your ability to create abundance.

Tarot Card Five- The Two Of Swords

The two of swords is an air sign card. Swords are all about the recollection, our thoughts, our thoughts, and communications. You’ve got a decision to determine but you might feel unsure about how to choose. Bring your spirit, stomach, and soul into harmony, listen to the wisdom of your flavor. Now isn’t the time for rash decisions, if you can’t make up your mind, postponement your option until you are.

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