Rebuilding Alexandria and crafting the dream arsenal in The Walking Dead Onslaught

Hi everyone! Last month, we announced the release time and showcased official gameplay for our upcoming PS VR title, The Walking Dead Onslaught. Today we’re back to dive into the Alexandria safe zone and explore how the iconic designate plays a critical role in the story and gameplay of The Walking Dead Onslaught.

Starting over after the crusade

Set in the time skip between Season 8 and 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, video games takes residence in a period with a lot of confusion in the future of our survivors’ parishes. The fight against Negan and his deadly band of Saviors has finally come to an end, but the damage they inflicted persists on in the hearts of those left behind. We decided to theme our activity around the idea of rebuilding after losing everything, and that started with the place our extending throw sees home: the Alexandria Safe Zone.

We’ve worked with AMC’s Farmers and The Walking Dead columnists to craft an original storey that ascertains Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes butting intelligences over their visions for the future of the safe zone. Where Rick believes that some personal sacrifices must be made for the greater good of the community, Daryl believes this has put their naturalnes to do good at risk. Rick represents the collectivist spirit to push society forward through his focus on rebuilding the new world. On the other hand, Daryl represents the individual human struggle in the cataclysm and demonstrates how Rick’s humanitarian purposes might not ever advantage everyone.

These two different positions are were contained in the very mode players will experience video games, swapping between positions as Rick tries to rebuild Alexandria and as Daryl exposes the details behind a mysterious departure.

The Walking Dead Onslaught

A home to call home: rebuilding Alexandria

We knew it was important to represent Alexandria in a way that was authentic to the show while computing a blanket of interactivity that allows actors to lead the efforts to rebuild the community. The actor will be at the heart of Alexandria as their own decisions and actions facilitate advance it into a target for new survivors to call home.

Players will guess out to collect resources for Alexandria, drawing back food and gasoline that will support scouting states parties and brand-new survivors. As local communities grows, players are able to obtain words and requisition requests from their survivors that send them out to find specific items and provide big-hearted bonuses for Alexandria. Players have full agency over how they want to progress the community — crafting cloths they’ve gave can be used to upgrade artilleries in the Armory or improve entirely new arrangements in Alexandria that can enhance your gameplay experience.

The Walking Dead Onslaught

Crafting the dream arsenal

One of our favorite recognises in Alexandria is the Armory, which houses all of the weapons participates will detect outside Alexandria. Here, actors can explore and experimentation with The Walking Dead Onslaught’s robust artillery amend organisation. From Rick’s revolver to the Kingdom’s potent debate axes, each artillery has several peculiar upgrades to mingle and pair — of course, players will need to save up enough fabrics to craft the improvements firstly.

The Walking Dead Onslaught

Melee combat refurbishes tend to be more fantastical. For precedent, crafting the Adrenaline upgrade concessions actors a burst of momentary slo-mo action against a walker herd. When it comes to firearms, upgrades are designed to be a little more tactical. Ranged artillery modernizes feign the weapon’s performance in fighting and include visual feelings like vertical grasps, holosights and muzzle breaks.

In the end, we want musicians to have a fun time killing walkers on their own terms, and we reached that by providing a toolset of weapons that are constantly evolving and changing the path players take over the baby-walker menace that surrounds them.

The Walking Dead Onslaught

The Walking Dead Onslaught will be available in Standard and Deluxe volumes, commencing with a digital first secrete on September 29 followed by a physical disc liberate in October. Pre-purchases are available today on PS4 and at participating retailers; participates who pre-order will get exclusive content, which you can see above. For more information, stay Playstation Store or other participate retailers.

We hope you’re as provoked to play The Walking Dead Onslaught where reference is launches later this month !. Don’t fret: there was also more report to share, so to stay updated with all the latest The Walking Dead Onslaught news, follow our travel on Twitter @ Survios and sign up for our newsletter at TWDOnslaught.com.

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