Rejection of the Underworld

by Christopher Penczak, revised by Tina Whittle

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

Can someone or something be so vile that the most Earth rejects it? Can someone be so corrupt that the intent world-wide will not accept them? The thought that this can be so is felt throughout legend. Pure water repudiates the dunked Witch. Holy ground rebuffs the being. This paradigm presented itself again recently, as it tends to do when someone whose actions are poisonous and slippery dies, but I’m not sure how true-life it is.

For those abused, it’s consoling to think of the misery doer reject the application in the blis, doomed to stroll without rest. More it’s not unlike the fundamentalist view of the non-Christian tormented in inferno. The eternal reward of the Christians was more of an alchemical purification for the Zoroastrians, with everyone eventually going to paradise after purification. So what does the Witch accept?

We often commonwealth we believe in no blaze. We believe in no Christian Devil. The occultist might conceive of an astral hell–you get whatever you imagine and expect until you figure out how to get beyond your expectations.

Most of us is still not schooled a segmented blis, even though we witness some evidence of that in the ancient mystery schools and Norse myth. For the Norse, the protagonist who died in battle, the one chosen by the Valkyries, gets a paradise. Those without reputation, thieves and assassins and their ilk, get someplace much less cordial, worse than those who die average deaths per illness and age.

In ancient Egypt, if the heart was not lighter than a plumage, you would be destroyed and obliterated, though we do not know if that ruling was earmarked for emperors in their puzzle religions or enforced for everyone. The Greeks separated Tartarus, Hades, Elysium, and the Fortunate Isles, and kick-starts of the riddles gained a map.

So what happens when someone who doesn’t live by any of their self-described Christian morals–or even common modesty at all, like Rush Limbaugh–dies? I’ve seen assumptions from magickal practitioners that such person or persons will wander as a hungry specter, rejected by the ancestral intents as too vile. I’m not sure that’s genuine. Isn’t that nothing more than our human assumptions operating in a non-human world?

What does the Earth do? Does it scorn anything? In the highest riddles of the dark goddess, does she turn away the dead? No, the goddess admits everything there is, including the shit. She abides all things and breaks down things that withstand broken off. Even plastic will eventually decay. The beds of heaven and blaze, overworlds and underworlds, invent in a great centrifuge, and everything concludes its level. As it purifies, it may move on, or it may stay. Even if the flavors do reject something, over age, everything locates its level and moves in a new river. The world is an alchemical laboratory, continuing to purify and refine all things into brand-new shapes. The being worlds must have parallel processes.

In a three-soul view of consciousness, there is a higher part of us that is incorruptible. Those who are tainted are completely out of touch with it due to their actions in this life and in the past. The higher soul is impossible to do so much better. It will go on in its world-wide manifestations, hopefully with a better future is attached to the next personal self. The human personal part of us doesn’t live one life and rots with the bodily remains. Unsettled resembles can haunt us now on Earth, but they extremely eventually crumble without information sources of sustenance. The ancestral self is often debased and needs to be refined. While it’s possible this process is not an easy one, as blood soil tumbles to the funds of ancestral wise, like oil and sea, eventually blood knows blood. Future heirs will acquire these tangled motifs and cure heal the collective.

There is a transition to a different worldview when we leave this world. I can’t say I know what it is for sure, but I know its perspective is different, even wider than our own. While I can revile the actions of the life and the dead, and even revile the personality, I are also welcome to hope for healing and different selects in the next life.

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