Science, Medicine, Myth, Magick and Conspiracies


By Christopher Penczak, revised by Tina Whittle


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you are involved with any esoteric gesture, the widespread scheme speculation culture–its worst exemplified by QAnon, which is all conspiracy with little esoterics–can’t be ignored. But to counteract it and mend what it had given rise to, we must consider its occult significance and how we got to this particular manifestation.

I am not against conspiracy possibilities. I think they are crucial to the greater initiatory process. They are, however, an early stage, and how you handle them is a test. Unfortunately, most people are failing this assessment because the boundaries and containers of this process have either broken or never been established, a great blessing and affliction of the Information Age. Getting caught up in a scheme is a demonstration of spiritual immaturity. Some of us surpasses immediately through this phase, or take a different way and apparently eschewed it, but it is a very real trap and assessment, proceeding many off the path of realization.

I can reveal the great secret of this measure because until you experience it, messages will symbolize good-for-nothing, but as in any initiation, if you recollect them, they can be a map to guide your piloting. An establish must come to the conclusion that even if all the conspiracy theories are true, so what? Does that meaningfully change my life? Is the most appropriate behavior at any right moment in my life the same if they are true or not? What do I have restrain over? What is my will? Should compassion and common sense govern what I do regardless? If plots void meaning from your life, then there was little meaning to begin with. If you believe you have to be the one to undo, prove, or stop a plot, and that decision stimulates you to meaningfully vacate their own lives, friends, lineage, and job, then how much wanting did those things have for you in the first place? What is your relationship to your own ego? Is that the greater problem, with plot a behavior to avoid greater intimacy?

If a plot ideology doesn’t urge you to be introspective and ask yourself hard questions like “Have I contributed poorly to the world, and right now, how can I do better? ” and instead fees a binary us vs. them mentality where you are absolved because you are a “good guy, ” then you are failing the initiation of conspiracy. There are a lot of open plots you don’t want to see or take responsibility for because they are so immense, but they are not hidden. They are simply so huge that we tell them fade into the background. What are the conspiracies of intolerance, patriarchy, everlasting battle, privation, environmental ruin, confinement manufacture, and queerphobia, and how are you seeking to solve them?

It is from these gargantuan things that our enthusiasm with scheme germinates, and as a people, we have always had it–even the Sumerians sorrowed for the simpler “old days” before things proliferated corrupt. All beings do. Mythically we long for the Golden age of our delusions. We know there is something “wrong” with the world, and since few acknowledge that, it must be more than what we can see( despite the problems we can see being prodigiou ). The random accumulation of mistake after mistake is too much to process; we desire a simple explanation. There must be a reason, even if that reason is bad–global conspiracies, illuminati, alien reptoids, and evil demonic magicians. It has to be more than really be poor selections and collective remorse, or someone somewhere at some time would have sterilized it. Conspiracy realise order of the chaos and stipulate meaningful contend, causing us believe we are the “good guys, ” even though this belief is illusionary and prevents us from collectively owning the mistakes of our past.

In the modern senility our challenges seems a bit different than our ancestors longing for the Golden Age. We have access–in real time–to all the repugnances, crises, and fightings of countries around the world, where in the past, report traveled slower and was often restricted to a region. The current 24 -7 information cycle can be overwhelming, feeding the global conspiracy narrative with a constant flowing of disaster.

We feel more profoundly the segregation of science, artwork, and belief. There is no amalgamated worldview, communication, or usage. This is a required flourishing pain for the Age of Aquarius, as plurality and self-expression are now key, but a hard one to steer, leaving countless internally partitioned with little education on personal synthesis. Constituent of our gumption of the world being wrong grows from this. With the schism of discipline from natural philosophy and the dissociation of complementary realms like astronomy and astrology, chemistry and alchemy, and modern and traditional medicine, we have lost touch with deeper meaning and the soul “of the worlds” and our relationship with it. Perhaps the hard sciences would not have advanced as far and as rapidly if they had remained bind to the esoteric, but their quick promotion without clear forethought of consequences led to other problems–industrialization, environmental pollution, factory farming, and the military industrial complex. Now we struggle with nuclear capabilities and DNA modification. We live in a world where these technologies make it possible for everyone to be residence, robed, and fed, eliminating the need for war, and yet we have war, crime, homelessness, and craving. We are told it’s unavoidable.

When medicine becomes a for-profit industry extend rampant, our trust in medicine and science lessens. It’s hard to distinguish the sincere researcher and doctor from the CEO as they are all participating in the same system of revenue, yet many medical doctors and nurses feel just as captured by those structures as individual patients; unfortunately, “were not receiving” easy sit for breaking out of it while still continuing to serve. So people seek other paradigms, good and bad, in an effort to find help. When science seems to hold the answers but cannot answer why such things happen, we strive someone to blame.

This is what has led to the antivax conspiracy. If their own children experiences a grievou reform and the only thing you can match to the time frame is vaccination, and with current vaccinations being so different from the parent’s own experience, there is distrust. Intellectually you can understand there is no accepted medical indication linking vaccination and autism, but in this unplugged era, we search delusions to make sense of our situation. Why is this thing I can neither hold nor understand happening to my child? While I’m not anti-vaccination, as a sorceres/ herbalist/ healer, I had a number of mothers on my doorstep looking for answers in the early 2000 s, striving an esoteric solution since medication wasn’t helping them. I had no answers, but the experience has had me following both the science and the people’s floors closely. Our Aquarian challenge is holding the separate strands of science and story, but our need of personal orientation to the sacred induces it hard for us to find personal entail. Many of our religious prisons run dry with cliches of “God’s plan, ” hinting at a meaning that often disregards what we do know and can prove.

When scientists reject and taunt alternatives who really help people, rely is abated further. The story takes on greater concentration than the data as you might have greater connection to the anecdotal and no personal experience of the data. I ascribe homeopathy drying me of a recur illness that modern prescription barely managed with multiple hospital calls. If a doctor dispassionately dismissed homeopathy based on lack of standardized evidence, I don’t sentiment because that shows they haven’t studied the underlying paradigm. If they are vitriolic about it, that concerns me. In either statu, a person is trying to use the criteria of one subject to belittle another without understanding the basis. Imagine if we evaluated the criteria of the latest modern American medical journal by the standards of poetry, and dismissed it exclusively because it didn’t conform to our expressive expectancy of a poem? Homeopathy is based on the unique formulations of illness in an individual as well as their past ordeals. While a remedy might be a “cold” remedy, you can’t give it to a hundred souls in a blind test without influencing if they have conveyed the coldnes in the same way, even if it’s the same virus. Times of era, sides of their own bodies, climate, and sleep structures all contribute to which remedy a skilled homeopath espouses. Homeopathy is an art as well as a science, and a skilled practitioner will ask personal a matter of the illness, including a fair amount of invasive investigations, to determine the title join of remedy to the individual. Any critique that doesn’t account for that is dismissing the operating instructions of the system. Imagine how effective pharmaceuticals would be if we dismissed the timing and dosing directions or simply failed to swallow the pill?

If you are an expert who can’t help me, but I’ve told you something that has helped and you reject my direct suffer without further inquiry, that’s a problem if we are to work together. I, like many others, have had bad know-hows with modern medicine practitioners who refused to listen, and who have decided be contemptuous and judgmental of not only alternative rehabilitations, but likewise my queerness and basic indications. Queer people want a homosexual physician. BIPOC want someone from their own community and living suffer. Countless maidens crave a female doctor, but the profession is dominated by straight white men who are often dismissive.

In a recent example, person in “peoples lives” experienced an accident–we asked the attending medical personnel if it could be a hairline fracture of the hip. That possibility was dismissed with no exchange. Ruled out by a simple test. One emergency room, lots of pain, various examines, three physicians, and a occupational therapist later, it was the physical therapist who got them to all reconsider and low-pitched and behold–hairline fracture of the trendy! How might that have turned out if the initial doctors had listened to the patient’s concerns?

Many dismiss personal experience in the emulation of the factory efficiency model. Get parties in and out with the minimum of information necessary. This depreciate of show has in turn belittled the arts. Entertainers who appeal to the most common denominator are greatly evaluated commercially, but true-life lords of music, prowes, and dance often languish in gloom and poverty. The left brain/ title person paradigm grows prevailing, is in addition to our intuitive gumption of imbalance. Those who realize this often react by swinging wholly to the feeling, creative and yes, unthinking, in an effort to offset.

Sadly, this irrationality in esoteric communities has caused many to dismiss the traditional nonrational methods of inquiry as irrational and moronic. We gleaned what we appraised from the olds, making philosophy, math, and logic from Pythagoras and Plato and their countrymen, rejecting their mysticism and riddle as the irrationality of their occasion. We have done that to all the great thinkers whose handiwork has survived–all the path back to Newton, a practice alchemist–and please give birth to a rational adjournment of the riddles that informed our brightest predecessors. Many of their great contributions were intuited in some way.

Now we have a proliferating change of Gentile “whos doing” disdainful of the most thought of the ancient divinities, preaching an environmental paganism rather than the paganism of art, literature, and ritual. Gods are just too far out there to be taken seriously by other religions. We have Hags preaching a Witchcraft free of operative magick and spellcraft. Sorceries “whos working”? That’s insane. Such practitioners seek to dismiss the legends, treats, and maps of occultism in favor of a unadulterated animism bereft of past culture. True, occultists of the past had their own problems, but no brook of prudence are devoid of its questionable figures. We have sorcerers who believe sorcery is impossible to be symbolic and intellectually mental. Such people want to take the “woo” out of our skill to gain respect in the outer macrocosm and positioned length between the idiotic conspiracy holders.

This is entirely contrary to both my experience as a Witch and my reasons for being involved. While ecology, psychology, and rationale are important to me, there is something more in my Craft, a poetic numinous center that generates is not merely internal modify but external phenomenon. While all things change over time, you shouldn’t hijack something to be established. If you don’t want the “woo woo, ” then Witchcraft, Paganism, and Magick are not for you. If you want to avoid spirits, deities, psychic phenomena, outrageous shows, and things that are able to from time to time go beyond logical hopes, magickal spirituality is not for you.

Trust breaks down in discipline over having the solution rather than creating a new trouble, in medicine through taking advantage of our sickness, and through those in government taking advantage of it all to perpetuate their own power. We species a malevolent deem “of the worlds” and suspect it couldn’t have always been this awful. It was…just in another way, with a different superstition. Yet the times we harken back to as “good” are the narratives and artistry of those who found the very best within themselves and the world they lived in.

Pick a nostalgic age or ancient civilization you see as “golden.” The reality of that time would include more poverty and illness than you might imagine, possibly slavery or servitude that they are able to fix you cower, with ideals you take for granted today unrecognized then. Yet the gold lights forth for you now. What amber are you making and shining in your own world?

Our conspiracies become part of a larger exterior mythology, but the originate applies them internally. To be able to articulate your ability of “wrongness” to the world is the great shock to awaken you to the possibility of something greater. Occultists feel ancient establishes were scandalized by some secret at the moment of initiation to catalyze their worldview: “Osiris is a black god.” “The realm of Persephone is full of light.” “The gods are not real! ” You are given a secret history of the world, a secret theology. We still do this today in good initiatory models.

The expected logic that proves the “reality” of plot hypothesis is the same shock. Your world is not what you thought. The secret record is clear. The exasperation with what is should stimulant “youre going to” draw what you attend, but modifies start internally. To restrain this awakened view, we need a practice and the commitment to apply that rule in a punished mode. Meditation, ritual, martial art, psychotherapy, contemplative devotion, etcetera: everyone is likelihoods. True application leads to discernment, and discernment is the key to learning what you can use and what you cannot use in conspiracy thoughts. Conspiracy without internal rehearsal leads to illusion and delusion, fantasy realization, and paranoia. It’s what we see in the QAnon crowd.

We will never prepare schemes be done away with, but we can–and must–use them to reach meaningful hand-pickeds within and with local communities. We must find the gold of our senility and continue to fix what we see as wrong in the world and what is wrong in ourselves. The world-wide will always have intervals and regions of awfulness–it’s the segregation before coagulation for alchemists. If things are never burst apart, they cannot be sanctified, mended, and reunified. The Golden Age is an active , not static, process. The call to the Golden age is the alchemy of the world.

Initiation becomes inoculation. The Age of Aquarius is an age of individual originates cooperating with each other, as compared to the Piscean formula of exemption from clergy to flock. Priesthood can create patterns, brace technique and story, and equip arrange and situation, but everyone must do their role. No one can do the work for you. There is a lack of saviors or scapegoats in the new aeon. Initiation is not solely the transmission of the temples, but likewise the initiations of lifetime that thoroughly change us. Everyone can be your schoolteacher, your initiator, if you let them.

Don’t be naive and think conspiracy is simply on the “other” side, while your feature is truth. Conspiracy is on all sides, and none are immune even after the inoculation of initiation, hence the repeated “booster shots” of altitude deeper into the riddles as one extends through severities or ascents the Tree of Life. Conspiracy can be a gateway, a guardian at the threshold of change, or the archon incarcerating us. Which will you choose?

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