Scrying Mirrors: A Divination Tool For Looking Into Past, Present, and Future

Scrying MirrorScrying mirrors are a divination tool for looking into past lives, and past, present, and future events.

The black scrying reflect, also known as the “magic mirror” is a potent philosophical implement. It can reveal to the user secret hidden knowledge and clairvoyant the skills and can act as a portal to other aircrafts of universe in our universe.

One of its most famous known useds was Nostradamus, who could tell by staring into the mirror affairs far into the future.

The following observes ought to have removed from a journal dedicated totally to scrying reflects, and they provide handy for the individual seeking to successfully use a scrying mirror for divination, as well as the many other supernatural benefits.

Example of Scrying Mirror( mydnytblu.com pic .) Scrying Mirror Rules

– Ever keep the surface very clean applying booze and a soft cloth.

– Never use it for anything but its intended purpose.

– Do not make others conducted an investigation into its face, except in ritual framework. Keep it stored in a silk suitcase when not in use.

– Rehearsal the visual practices described following until mastered.

– Keep the working area clean and free from any disturbance.

– Generally, scry utilizing the reflect at night, preferably during the full or new moon, depending on the operation. The reflect can be used at any time, but tends to work better at these points.

– When indoors, light two votive candles, one on both sides of the mirror. Use white or colored candles appropriate to the work: blue-blooded for healing, purple for clairvoyant slog, orange for communication, and so on.

– Burn a lunar or mystic blend incense before working with the mirror.

– Place the mirror on a wooden table or altar with a clean-living cloth beneath it and be seated on a wooden chair in front of it, or if you prefer, assume a comfortable asana on the floor with the mirror before you.

– Extinguish all light sources except the candles and/ or moonlight.

– Allow nothing to reflect in the mirror’s surface. It should appear as a gloom tunnel or window.

– Before starting, ever create a sacred infinite to work in. Cast a clique of shield or visualize the place surrounded by white light and protection from false or misleading influences- call your steers and guardians to protect the working.

– Keep a journal to record your experiences.

The Scrying Ritual

First, clearly decide what you seek or are trying to accomplish in the working and prepare appropriately. Then prepare the work area carefully as was pointed out previously.

Once you are ready, close your eyes and begin to relax; feel every part of your torso releasing, removed from all pressure. Visualize your circle of defence and know you are safe and in control of all that happens within it.

Begin to breather rhythmically and fully; try a count of four in, hold four, liberate four, four in, hold four, handout four and so on. Feel yourself registering a glowing trance surrounded by sacred space, removed from time and the material world. Silently call your leader or guards of the cultivate, invoking the Goddess or calling celestial vicinities, atmosphere navigates, watchtowers, astral guards or whatever you prefer. Reaffirm your desire and the aim of the work.

Now open your physical noses and gaze into the mirror; remain unwound and do not hesitate to blink when necessary. Relax the focus of your eyes but remain alert. After a while, the surface area of the mirror will begin to change and fade; a pitch-dark drizzle will appear.

Your inner sees will now open, and the tour into the mirror begins. Remember that the inner nose understands inside the mind, through the supernatural imagery. Most people when scrying do not see the epitomes appear with the physical looks on the mirror’s surface but construe within the mirror and in the mind’s eye. The reflect acts as a focal point, a gateway within.

When you have completed your passage or act you set out to do, begin the return to your body and ordinary feels. Breath fully and deeply, and remain still until you feel you have wholly returned. Now close your eyes and remember all you attended and felt during the scrying or pilgrimage. Review your part suffer mentally.

Write it all down immediately in a magazine hindered specific for this purpose.

To Begin to See

This is a very important exercise to surmount if you are new to scrying or are having trouble receiving idols. It will abet your “visual imagination ,” which allows your mystic and physical eyes to see clearly together. It demonstrates clairvoyant strength.

Sit before your reflect and begin to imagine objectives on its face, one after the other. You should try to see these idols clearly in the reflect with your eyes open, just as if they were there in reality. Try simple contours or hues first.

Hold onto the image of each shape, object or shade one minute before dissolving it and going on to the next. For pattern, employment a scarlet triangle, a yellow-bellied square, a blue roundabout and silver crescent-shaped; visualize them appear in the reflect working your conglomerate thought. For best reactions, do this exercise every day for 15 minutes until it is mastered.

This exercise is well worth the effort; it gives mystical train and strengthens the inner seeing so images can come with clarity and ease.

Charging the Mirror with Light

To charge and empower the mirror with light-colored magnetism is a simple but potent process. It should be done often, especially just before using the reflect, so as to ensure you insure remedy images, connect with positive energy and do not experience interference.

First, you must imagine that white light is accumulating inside your person, being directed down from the treetop chakra. The form becomes a vessel filled with light-footed. Remember to breathe perfectly, deep and rhythmically.

Now stand in front of the mirror and direct the palms of your hands toward one another. Imagine that the internal beacon is now moving into your hands, forming a pellet of abbreviated lily-white lighting between them.

See and feel this clearly in your thought. When ready, begin to project this projectile of light into the surface of the mirror, refining and livening the mirror, crowding it with supernatural violence. See the lighting “soak” into the mirror. This process needs to be repeated until the mirror feels “full .”

This process can also be used to give a special or programmed charge to the mirror. Follow the steps preceding and initiate the bullet of glowing between your hands, then mentally project your desire into the flame before projecting the light into the mirror. This skill can be used for healing toils and self-improvement.

You can also charge the sun with a specific color or tremor- whatever is likely to be felt or imagined can be put into the mirror to aid the magical exertion. The empowering rehearsal can be used for other mystical activities as well, such as charging other mystical tools and the establish of healing lighting to all persons. All it makes is a strong desire and powerful imagination.

Locking the charge into the mirror is accomplished by willpower. When the daylight has been absorbed into the mirror, district in your thought and with all the faith you can muster that the charge will remain as long as you require it.

To release or remove a special bill, simply change the methods used, pulling the light out of the reflect into the space between your hands. Then scatter the vigour into the atmosphere through the imagery. Do not glean it back into the body- see it return to the universe.

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