September 2020 – the 9 During the Covid Pandemic

We are witnessing an exceptional numerology phenomenon — September and the 9 during the Covid Pandemic.

” It is not the strongest of the genus that lives , nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin

” Return to Pleiades” is a draw by Greer Jonas

The Lesson of the 9 during the Covid pandemic, is like any other nine power — a direction of transformation. This outing, however, is unparalleled to any other in our lifetime.

September, the nine month, is a time of much thoughtfulnes. The 9 force, in numerology, is about completion, alter, and seeking the truth. Yet there is no manual for the nine of 2020 on our planet.

It is certainly a time of contacting into a target of the unknown, that which we have never been before.

Our lesson is to be adaptable and open to adapt to life’s challenges. 2020 has turned out to be a spot in our soul that are likely to be uncomfortable. Do you feel isolated? Or can you reach a spiritual sit of opportunity and confidence?


” Life is like razz a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” — Albert Einstein

Challenged to discover ” adaptability” in our personal lives, we are all asked to let go of all the knowledge we have previously known in order to have a comfortable life.

As we learn the mystifying new techniques in this world where face cover-ups are used for protection and the internet is the major flesh of communication, most of us are scratching our foremen, I, for one, often forget what day it is. Will this new norm last-place forever? Hopefully not.

Here lies a valuable assignment of causing vanish of all apprehension of what was once comfortable in our cosmo. It is an opportunity of growth in a way that may have been seen by the early survivors who made artilleries to hunt and burn to cook their dinners and protect their families.

How will you pull your notion of world during this 9 of the Covid Pandemic? How will you change to the new ordinary? Everything is different now. Have you noticed how many beings are moving to another dwelling or at least considering it?

Will you reach out and be the gues being that you are? You have a hand-picked during this Covid Pandemic. You can stay caught in a plaza of paralysis, or ruminate and ask for guidance. Learn to jest at the craziness of it all.

May we all accommodate with ease and goodnes to each new epoch forward.

How will you adapt and make changes in your life? Feel free to comment now or on my facebook page .

How Will You Transform in Your Personal Year during the 9 of the Covid Pandemic?

One way to be informed about what guidance you can take is by looking at your personal year through numerology. To find your personal year, you add the sum of the month and daytime of your birthday to the sum of the present year.

So if your birthday was April 2 you are able to calculate like this 😛 TAGEND

4 +2+2+0+2+0= 10. Ten increases to a one.

Therefore, the count 1 is your personal year in 2020.

How will the nine month of September impact your personal time? How will you change and detect more of yourself and the changes in your life?

Once you have discovered your personal time for 2020, read more about the strategy you can take during September and the 9 force during the Covid Pandemic.

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