Sharing the Journey

by Lexiann Grant

The upheaval of pandemic has no doubt changed our spiritual lives and rules, each of us traveling different sections of disparate spiritual footpaths. Some of us likely are struggling to retain faith or belief. Many of us time may want to live for the moment to escape our hassles, put aside spiritual routines to grab a little merriment when we can.

Others may be seeking spiritual replenishment, while a few may be seem deeper, down the road of the mystic, longing for union with God, The One, The All. Or some have lost that once deep connection despite continued efforts to remain in linked with The Presence.

For me, when I lose that awareness, I am reminded that the mystic’s religious and spiritual lifetime shall not be required to be and must not be about myself, for my advantage alone.

Oswald Chambers showed it 😛 TAGEND

“Am I building up the body of Christ, or am I simply subjects of concern my own personal development?

His plan intends recognizing Him not only in our lives individually, but also in “peoples lives” collectively.

Whenever I simply miss things for myself, the relationship is contorted.

We are not here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy a quiet spiritual retreat.

We are here to have the full understanding of Jesus Christ, for the purpose of building His body.

My goal is God Himself , not rejoice nor peace , not even blessing, but Himself…”

Do I aim uniting with God merely so I can feel good? Will I remain unplugged from God until I get on board with The Plan and allow myself to be the vessel through which a bles for others may come?

Regardless of where I am spiritually at any given moment, I persevere with says and devotions at the beginning and end of each day. And, despite what may be going severely in some of “peoples lives”, now we are, together as the Body of Christ in this Cafe, choosing to get up and espouse the spiritual life-time again today, to seek that delightful union.

Grab for joy or are searching for spiritual exuberance? What’s the difference? Happiness comes from the outside- feeing chocolate, getting new shoes, reading a good book- and is temporary, fickle, sailing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being joyous. But we have to sustain happiness, it cannot sustain us.

However, charm flows from our inward egoes, out to others as a sustainable, transcendent forgivenes. One of the most uplifting things I “ve ever heard” during my hours of anguish or anguish is that someone has cried for me- “we are here for the purpose of building His body”- one of the purposes of that mystic union that in turn produces us not only lasting joy, but quietnes, faith and awareness of the presence of God( and hopefully of his will for us ).

Writing now, dishing through spiritual blessing, I am in community to the interests of any of you who read. In some big portion, we share each other’s spiritual tour as we justified one another through Christ’s virtual Body. In this community we can find renewal or perchance be produced into that longed-for union with God that supplants all other desires.

The Lord is surely in this space with each of us, whatever our present spiritual country.

May we be blessed with goose-bump-raising, sure and particular acquaintance not just that there is a God, but that there Is God, that the Presence and Source of All that was and is, and is beyond all knowing, is known by and indicates that there is us.

“God, of thy goodness, give me Thyself; for Thou art enough for me,

and I can ask for nothing less that can be full reward to Thee. And if I ask anything that is less, ever Shall I be in want, for only in Thee have I all.”

— Julian of Norwich

Lexiann Grant is a retired writer& author, a former chalicer and layreader, but still an Episcopalian who enjoys encountering God in the mountain backcountry.

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