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When you slip into the supernatural realm of dreams, it is always an adventure. Sometimes dreams are sober and powerful, and you receive clear, prophetic advice from them. Sometimes they are night terrors that attain you sit bolt upright in berthed with a scream, trembling, and covered in sweat. Other occasions, dreams are a senseless, tangled mess while your ability is helping you work through confusing situations in your waking life, many of which you won’t remember.

You might be wondering if crystals can constitute your dreams better. They certainly can. So which quartzs are good for bad dreams? Some quartzs listed here may seem familiar. They pop up again and again because they are wonderful workhorses, handy for so many healing roles. Like diamonds, they have many beautiful facets.

Certain crystals can be effectively used for deep dream work, clairvoyant protection to ward off negative dreams, impede nightmares, and help you reach nonviolent and serene magnitudes of soothing nap. There are many types of quartzs to help you have healing sleep and the kinds of dreams you most want, but these are among the choicest gemstones to help protect you from light fears and replace them with sweetened dreams.

Here are the five best crystals for better dreams.


Violet and purple crystals are known as dream crystals. They have specially strong healing superpowers when it is necessary to introducing sweetened sleep, good dreams, and soothing ordeals. The deeper, darker colors of violet/ violet, the very best. Amethyst goes by countless designations, such as the “Stone of Contentment, Meditation, and Spirituality, ” the “All-Healer, ” and “Nature’s Tranquilizer, ” and is a gemstone of the Violet Ray.

This radiantly beautiful quartz is regarded as a sovereign stone and has profoundly powerful owneds to help calm you and be enhanced your dream district. Amethyst geodes are considered particularly potent. It’s often used to create greater balance in the Third Eye, or Brow Chakra. It is also aligned with the Crown Chakra, as it helps you open to Divine insight and strengthens your intuition. It cures protect you from mystic attack, as well as relax your muscles and easy any stress or suspicion you may be feeling. It sucks you into soothing nap and opens the way for you to become passionately attuned to lucid dreams. If you can only choose one dream crystal for now, amethyst is most excellent.


Called the “Stone of Inspiration, ” this opaque, white-hot quartz is fastened with penalty paths of gray or black and is known to help you have sweet and quiet dreams. Howlite is aligned with the Crown Chakra, the major entrance of connection to the Divine. If insomnia plagues you, this gemstone will certainly help alleviate it, for it reduces stress, anxiety, and worry. It helps you live in compassion as it transmutes negative speculations into positive and mollifies your race mind. It is believed to help you recall past lives as well as assist you in touring higher realms in your dream state.

According to Carol Lucas of meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com, Howlite is also known as the “Snow Leopard Stone, ” for its similarity to the fur of this beautiful big cat native to parts of Asia, including the Himalayas. Lucas states that this crystal facilitates “…your inner snow leopard[ to] ended the hunts it needs to , not of prey, but negative habits, supposed motifs, and energies.”


This gemstone comes in various pigments, most often a soft lily-white. Rainbow moonstone is one lovely type of this calming crystal. Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings, ” it is also called the “Destiny Maker, ” for its abilities to help you create a fresh start in all things and align you with your soul’s spiritual purpose.

Called the “Lunar Crystal, ” moonstone is aligned with the Crown Chakra and connects you with the powerful sorcery of the moon as it gently awakens the Divine feminine energy within both men and women. Known to open an inner direct for prophecy and Divine wisdom, it protects you in all forms of travel, including astral travel when you dream. Acting to liberate feeling stress and antagonism, it is also a mystic shield. It contributes serene vigour that is conducive to deep, refreshing sleep. It will furnish you safe legislation in your dream journeyings and help you bring back positive information to assist you in your waking life.

Pitch-black Tourmaline

Called the “Stone for Psychic Protection, ” black tourmaline, with its ebony gleam, is adored as a shamanic stone of safety, shielding you from negative vigors, including psychic onslaught. It is thought to keep you safe in dream district from negative entities and pernicious armies. This instruct stone is associated with the Root or Base Chakra and connects you with the heart of Mother Earth.

It aids sanctify and transform negative envisages, and exhausts stress, anguish, and tension so you can sleep and have good dreams.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, known as the “Stone of Lucid Dreams, ” and “the Wisdom Keeper, ” it opens your Third Eye Chakra and initiates psychic daydream. Its calming, deep off-color color marbled with golden flecks shields you from negative energy as it furnishes a connect to connect you with the physical and celestial kingdoms.

Another crystal that blocks mystic assaults, it fights negative power and sends it shouting back to where it came from. It gives people peace and helps you commune with your spiritual guardians.

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