The best game you missed in February 2020: DreadOut 2

As 2020 moves kicking and screaming into that good night, we’ve rounded up some of very good competitions from the year that we didn’t end up encompassing. Check the Best Game You Missed label for more.

I’ve often listened whisperings of ghoulish reports stemming from Malay and Indonesian folklore- which share some overlaps in mysterious ideas- as told to me by friends and family alike. Perhaps it’s time sheer proximity to these Southeast Asian cultures that offsets these scares feel more intimate and corporeal, but the spirits in these fictions are, to me, more spooky than most garden-variety ghouls. Take, for example, how even the mere hint of the frangipani bloom can dishearten me, as it’s a scent commonly associated with the pontianak, the vengeful heart of a pregnant maiden who was violently murdered.

In the Indonesian horror game DreadOut 2, these spectres are known as kuntilanak( as they’re referred to in Indonesia ). These long-haired, roaring scares are every bit as vicious and unpleasant as I had imagined them to be, and slew more such Indonesian ghosts lurk in the city you’ll spend the bulk of your time in in DreadOut 2.

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