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In my last email I talked about trying to give a clairvoyant read to yourself, and the times you can speak for yourself, and when you should avoid it! You can read that email here.

I received quite a few emails from parties on who I play-act a chakra poising and aura cleansing, letting me know how they feel like they’ve been given a brand-new lifetime!

I was so excited to receive these emails that I wanted to discuss the matter with you right away!

I want to thank all of you who sent me such neat emails! I’m sorry I couldn’t share all of them here, but I do read every one of them!

These emails demonstrate the problems that shut down chakras and a nasty aura can cause, and the healing that takes place when they are balanced and aligned again and your halo is cleansed!

Understanding Chakras and Your Aura

Your aura is an energy field that circumvents your entire form. People who can see an halo describe it as looks a lot like a beautiful rainbow of pigments smothering person or persons. You may have looked at somebody before and envisioned a rainbow around their head or near their shoulders. If it has happened to you, you pictured their halo!

Your aura is an energy field that radiates outward from the centre for human rights of your dresser and environs your entire form. It radiates from what is called your Solar Plexus Chakra. And your aura is another actual energetic stamp of your soul.

Your aura also acts like a shield that encircles and protects your body, but when this Shield is shut down, it no longer has the ability to protect you.

What does it protect you from? Well, there is negative energy drift all over the universe. This negative energy comes from radio waves, cell phone ripples, Bluetooth gesticulates, and even in the negative judges of beings from all over the universe. This negative energy is swimming all over you even right now as you’re reading this!

If your halo is strong, this negative energy will touch your aura, and then slide down to the ground. But if your aura is shut down, this negative energy will act as a bayonet and lodge right into your physical body. When this happens, it’s when problems start to arise.

You likewise have something announced Chakras, and there are seven of them. They run along your spine, and each one correlates to a physical spiritual, and feelings office of your form. If your chakras are shut down, this negative energy that is sticking in your physical body then moves into your chakras and manifests as a physical, spiritual, and feelings imbalance.

If you want to feel better, more at peace, less emphasized, and happier inside, have your chakras both balanced and your aura purged. You can click here now to schedule your Chakra Balancing !

How To Know If Your Aura and Chakras Are Shutdown

Every living human being, has their aura and chakras shut down if they are over the age of 21. It’s just something that naturally happens!

Your aura and your chakras are like the filter organisation on your auto, and they need to be changed, or cleansed every six months.

For example, if you don’t change the petroleum on your gondola, the engines will burn out. It’s the same with your chakras and your halo. If they don’t get cleansed about every six months, your energy body will burn out!

When this happens it starts a person to feel tired, depressed, uneasy, emphasized, and a whole knot of other negative emotions. But formerly you have your aura purged, and your chakras matched, all of these things often disappear like magic!

Now that you understand the importance of your halo and your chakras, and why it is important to keep them balanced and purged, I’d like to share with you a few cases emails I received from some people who I’ve acted a Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing on. I hope you experience predicting them 😛 TAGEND

Dear Tana,

After reading your last-place email, I wanted to share my experience with you, when you are cleansed my aura and poised my chakras!

I used to be chilled and felt down all the time! My spunk was gone! Since I sounds beings tell me this is normal as you get older, I ever thought it was due to getting older!

Boy, was that the big lie! After my hearing with you, all my energy “re coming back”, and I felt 29 again! I am 72, and I haven’t felt like this in years!

When you told me it was a lot to do with my vitality method, and formerly you matched my chakras and cleansed my halo, it would more than likely improve, you were 100% claim!

I actually get dancing that night after my balancing. I felt enormous! I still feel great, and it has been over 5 months away!

I will be calling tomorrow to schedule my next one! I enjoy feeling this lane!

Thank you Tana,

Mary C. – Houston, TX

Here is one that imparted tears to my gazes!

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Dear Tana,

I am shocked. I had been to several professionals due to my humor jives, and feelings of overall sadness, and no one was able to do anything!

My life was immobilized due to this! I am only 33 year olds, and I was a prisoner of my psychological mood fluctuates! My life was a mess! I couldn’t hold a job, and I has no such friends!

I heard about your energy work from a friend, so I decided to give it a try!

Tana, it was amazing what happened! It was like everything was elevated from me instantaneously after our session! I now got a job, I have friends, I go out of the house, and I am even dating now( something I hadn’t done for over 12 times !)

You changed my life Tana Hoy! Who “wouldve been” have believed that something as easy to have done as a chakra poising and halo purging would change my life!

I now know that chakras a VERY real!

Thank you from the bottom of my nerve!

Theresa T. Poway, CA

This one I been in love with more!

Dear Tana,

I had my chakras both balanced and my halo cleansed by you when you for the first time, over two years ago! I make sure to faithfully have this done every 6 months, just like you recommend!

Let me tell you something! Before I had this work done, I felt so very different than I do today! In the past, animation felt drab! I thought it was how people felt as they get older! Was I wrong!

Since I have been doing these conferences every 6 months, my energy is back, I hardly ever feel chilled or down, and I feel happy almost all the time!

I feel like a adolescent again! My babies and my husband have all asked me what I am doing because they tell me that I seem so happy and free! They wanted to know so they can feel the same way! So I “ve told them”!

All three of my children, and even my husband, have had this work done by you now – and they are all convinced of its power because they all feel better now too!

Tana you deepened our lives and have helped build us one big happy family!

Thank you, thank you, expressed appreciation for!

Rhonda K. – New Orleans, LA

You can learn more about Chakra Balancing by clicking now and crowding out this form !

As you can see, obstructing your chakras balanced and aligned, and stopping your halo cleansed, is the key to feeling the best you can feel!

I hope you enjoyed speak these emails as much as I did!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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