The Georgia Guidestones: The Sinister American Wonder

Georgia GuidestonesEvery time, thousands of Americans hasten the world in search of mysterious wonders. Whether “its been” the Pyramids in Egypt, the monstrous stone heads of Easter Island, or the fascinating create that is the United Kingdom’s Stonehenge; parties conclude personal pilgrimages time to stare and wonder: Where did that is just coming up? They ask aloud and ruminate: Who organized this?

Little do they are aware, a whodunit just as interesting sits right in their backyard, because in the small county of Elbert, Georgia stands an epic granite organization that has been called “America’s Stonehenge”, and is possibly of “deep demonic origin”. A design that is theorized to be restrained to everyone from the Freemasons, to the Rosicrucians, to the New World Order.

Whose influence has been tagged halfway various regions of the world, and is thought by countless to be a harbinger of the apocalypse. Yet it’s a formation whose descents still remain shrouded in riddle despite being created thirty years ago.

What is this structure? They are the “Georgia Guidestones”, and what little information we have, we are going to share with you in “The Georgia Guidestones: The Sinister American Wonder”.

Before we can delve into the mystery of the Guidestone’s origins, cause us first understand exactly what the Guidestones are. Erected in 1980, under aforementioned inscrutable conditions, by the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, the Guidestones are located at the highest point in Elberton County and are technically owned by the County itself.

With foundations included, the monument stands approximately twenty feet tall, and is made up of four slabs encircling one in research centers, with a capstone placed on top of them. Another tablet lays set in the grind to the direct west of the prime structure.

The size and formation, and in fact almost everything about the guidestones seems to have some implication, but what’s written on them is the most important thing.

Each face of the vertical stones contains a list of what appear to be guidelines for society, written in one of eight lingos( English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian) with a smaller message, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason” written on the sides of the capstone in four archaic lingos( Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs ). The specifications enscribed on the primary stones are 😛 TAGEND

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000, 000 in ceaseless equilibrium with quality. 2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. 3. Unite humanity with a living new usage. 4. Rule passion — faith — habit — and all things with tempered intellect. 5. Protect people and nations with fair the regulations and exactly courts. 6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external the conflicts in a macrocosm tribunal. 7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. 8. Balance personal rights with social responsibilities. 9. Prize truth — elegance — love — seeking peace with the infinite. 10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

The tablet that sits on the sand to the west contains information such as the year the structure was erected( March 22, 1980 ), it’s aspects and weight, is again the content of, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason”, and a register of “Astronomic Features” that predicts:

1. Channel through stone marks celestial pole. 2. Horizontal slot reveals annual hasten of sunbathe. 3. Sunbeam through capstone recognizes noontime throughout the year. Another inscription marks a blueprint for a go sheath that has still not been been planted. The grind layed tablet also includes the source of the guidestones greatest riddles: Two inscriptions, one reading “Sponsors: A small-minded group of Americans who endeavour the Age of Reason.”, and another reading “Author: R.C. Christian( a pseudonyn) ”[ sic ].

Now that you know exactly what the guidestones are, once they are erected, and where then there, you can begin to ask yourself the all important “Who? ” and “Why? ”. Who is “R.C. Christian? Who are these Americans that strive an “Age of Reason”? Why did they really place the guidestones?

At first watch, the Guidestones are a granite structure made up of five immense tablets( made on a mound in Eberton, Georgia) which peculiarity a directory of ten meanings, apparently about the nature of running a society, inscribed in multiple world conversations.

However, as interesting as the mere existence of these mysterious tablets are, the riddle behind them is even more fascinating and to truly start to speculate as to the meaning of the structure, we must recount the story of R.C. Christian and the construction of the Guidestones.

Constructing the tablets.

The mystery of the Georgia Guidestones begins in the offices of Elberton Granite Finishing, where on a summer epoch in 1979, a well dressed older gentleman, who no one in Elberton had ever laid eyes on before, strolled in and had an interesting project for companionship president Joe Fendley: a large astronomically aligned structure comprised of representatives from stones larger than any that had been quarried in the county before, and cut to exceedingly accurate descriptions.

The mystery serviceman called himself R.C. Christian, and claimed that he represented a “small group of loyal Americans.” Of course, Fendley was taken aback by the huge undertaking that had just crossed his table, so he invited the question that is still being asked to this day: What’s the purpose of the structure? Christian’s answer, although not exact, removed some of the only light on the riddle that we have to this day.

He said the structure would serve as a compass, a schedule, and a clock, that it would be etched with a establish of templates in eight of the world’s major communications, and most tellingly, that it would have to be capable of withstanding any major fatal phenomenon, so that what remained of society after such an event, would be able to use those leaders to rebuild a society better than the one that they had survived.

Fendley posing with his operate

Thinking that Christian was nothing more than a nutcase with a well practiced schtick, Fendley attempted to deflect him by explaining that he couldn’t take on such a project without a guarantee that it would be funded.

In response, Christian requested that he be sent to the most trustworthy banker that Fendley knew. Fendley sent him to neighbourhood Bank President, Wyatt Martin, a gentleman who would come to know R.C. Christian better than anyone else on record.

Just like Fendley before him, Martin felt at first that Christian was a crazy person, but his illusion clothing and well spoken demeanor soon began to sway his opinion of his new client, and he was intrigued and even further drawn in when Christian admitted that his identify was merely a pseudonym.

Soon after their first find, the two would agree that Martin would be privy to Christian’s real mention and info for legal purposes, but that he would sign an agreement to never share what he knew, and that he would serve as an intermediary for Christian in all matters concerning the Guidestone’s construction from then on.

Shortly after, as fund for the Guidestones started coming in from banks all over the two countries( Christian did this to insure that his identity couldn’t be traced) Martin and Fendley helped Christian secure the territory for his projection, and with that, the construction and eventual macrocosm of the Guidestones was set in stone( no pun aimed .)

Fendley learnt Christian merely one more time, as he came by the office to fall asleep specifications and a modeling that the proposed project, leaving without even shaking the granite man’s hand; merely saying, “You’ll never participate me again” as he trod out. He wasn’t lying; Fendley, and for that matter nobody in Elberton, would ever ensure R.C. Christian again, except for Wyatt Martin.

So travels the story of the construction of one of America’s immense whodunits, but the floor doesn’t end with the Guidestone’s going up( which they did in March of 1980 ), or with Christian eventually signing over the property that room the stones to the county( he believed, rightfully since they still stand to this day, that civic dignity would protect the stones stay up ).

In fact, the story of the Georgia Guidestones remaining chapters are still being written…in pencil, with an eraser ever helpful as opinion about what they actually represent and who R.C. Christian actually was invariably twirls. What thoughts have all this supposition led to?

Commissioned by a gentleman announcing himself R.C. Christian, the stones seem to be guidelines for the rebuilding of society in a post-apocalyptic world. It seems that one of the most strange things about these apparent guidelines for humanity’s rebirth is who exactly R.C. Christian is.

The main evidences we have as to his identity are a stone sculpture of suppose root and the recalls of an old-time friend; who this evidence points to will surprise you.

It is entirely possible that the face of R.C. Christian stares down at the residents of Elberton County, Georgia every day. Alongside the Elberton Country Civic Center sits a granite failure presumably illustrating former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

However, the failure was destroyed in 1995 and upon reconstruction took on a species that gazes good-for-nothing like FDR. Many think that the brand-new bust whose subject wears a suit and affiliation adorned with strange types is the job of R.C. Christian and may in fact be a depiction of the three men himself or one of his associates. However , no one can confirm oat r deny this because there appears to be no one alive that knows the face of R.C. Christian … except in cases of Wyatt Martin.

To this day, there remains one person within the known canon of the Georgia Guidestones that knows the true identity of R.C. Christian, and that is former bank president Wyatt Martin. Harmonizing to Martin himself, after the construction of the monument was complete, he remained in correspondence with Christian via words moved from all over the world, hearing from him very often the two became “pen pals.”

They’d too sometimes encounter for friendly dinners when Christian was near Elberton( Christian would call him from the Atlanta Airport and they’d meet in Athens ). This continued up until about ten years ago( around the time of the 9/11 criticizes ), when Christian stopped writing. Martin guesses his friend would have been in his eighties by then and probably passed away.

However, even with Christian’s apparent demise Martin refuses to break the promise he made to the mystery man, and won’t divulge his identity or share whatever info and documents he still has in his self-possession. Nonetheless, this does not mean that there is no speculation about Christian’s identity.

It appears that the number one candidate for being R.C. Christian is Ted Turner. Yes, that Ted Turner; the Ted Turner that owns all of those media outlets and The Atlanta Braves. Although Turner doesn’t fit the age bracket formulated by Martin, many other factors have guided plot theoreticians to believe that Turner is the man behind the guidestones.

First and foremost is the long-standing rumor of Turner’s involvement in a “New World Order” movement which when combined with his massive opulence and his very public interest in the state of Georgia( he bases all of his businesses out of there) articulates him at the priorities in the short list of candidates for R.C. Christian.

Strengthening the case is an interview in which Turner went on record saying, “a total population of 250 -3 00 million people, a 95% descend from present stages, would be ideal” a statement that echos the most sinister of rules written on the guidestones( rule number 1) which some have interpreted as a call for genocide.

Next we have Turner’s well-documented crusade to “save the planet”- a campaign which includes his promotion of biofuels and his efforts to end global warming( both of which he relates to the aforementioned over-population of the world) as well as his creation of a children’s cartoon( Captain Planet) which aimed to promote environmental awareness.

Finally, we have an interview with Wyatt Martin in which he was asked about both his relationship with Ted Turner and the identity of R.C. Christian. He freely admitted to having a relationship with, and being fond of Turner and categorically revoked the other campaigners involvement( including Fendley .) However, when asked if Turner was R.C. Christian, Martin was “stunned” and nervously disclaimed Turner’s involvement.

The face of R.C. Christian?

Could it be that Martin’s claims of Christian’s death are merely him covering up for his high-profile friend? With Martin’s now boosted age, we are to be able to never know, but R.C. Christian’s true identity aside, we come to the question of who he represents. Who is this “small group of loyal Americans” and what are their intentions?

To put it simply, they’re believed to be Rosicrucians, and they intend to restart the world.

It’s frequently thought that the man calling himself R.C. Christian, the same man directly responsible for the creation of the guidestones, did so in homage to Christian Rosenkruez. Rosenkruez was the founder of the supernatural theology known as Rosicrucianism.

Christian Rosenkruez was once known as “Frater C.R.C.”, so when you blend his two refers, you get “R.C. Christian”. Furthermore, R.C. Christian is thought to be a high ranking Rosicrucian( a adherent of The Order of the Rosy Cross, the secret society at the heart of Rosicrucianism ).

Rosicrucians originated in medieval Germany, and claim to have an understanding of the esoteric truths of nature, the universe, and the heart nature( which they speculate have been obscured from the rest of us ). Although the rules set forth by the guidestones seem to conflict with Christianity and other western religions, they conform well with the tenets of Rosicrucianism, which stress intellect and living in harmony with quality.

Assuming that the guidestones can actually a Rosicrucian mechanism, then it’s been further formulated that they are a harbinger of an holocaust that The Order of the Rosey Cross knows about. It’s believed that the group knows about a solar hertz that climaxes every 13,000 years, during which gigantic CMEs( coronal mass expulsions, which are basically abounds of solar jazz, or sizable volleys of energy) will reportedly destroy most of the earth.

It’s further speculated, that in equivalence with the impending disastrous affairs, the Rosicrucians are working behind the scenes to create a state of worldwide panic that began with the collapse of the US business plan and will terminate in disturbances of worldwide oil and food supplies, mass rampaging, scoot fights, and districts of marshal law.

This is all being done in order to insure that the population that survives the coming cataclysm will be low in crowd. After this cleansing and whittling down of humanity, the Rosicrucians believe that the Guidestones will act as a sort of brand-new “Ten Commandments” for the rebuilding world to follow, thus recreating society as they want it.

Adding further ga to the fire of speculation that the guidestones were made with evil planneds is a mathematical connection between them and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Decoding of the measures in the the guidestones led to the date of the deaths among the Emir that predated the one that got the Burj built, the year the building was completed, and the exact height of the building.

This evidence has lead to a mind that the Burj is the Rosicrucian’s completion of a modern era Tower of Babel, a creation that in the bible is said to have been halted for rationalizations the Rosicrucians interpret as being related to man becoming too much like deity.

To pull this all together, theorists believe that the guidestones foretold the Burj, and the Burj is part of a plan to ascend to god-like status, put forth by the Order of the Rosey Cross.

So is it true? Are the guidestones at the heart of a scheme to be used in the apocalypse and recreate the world countries? Put forth by a group that intends to “defeat god”?

Now it would be easy to reject everything is as exactly more “New World Order” conspiracy theory, but the fact remains: The Georgia Guidestones are as real as you and I, and until someone comes forward and explains why they were improved, all ratifies point to ominou intentions.

Author: Manny N. Black, generator: otherworldmystery.com

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