The Hit List – Hard Times

The Hit List - Hard Times

By now, any confetti that may have fallen on New Year’s eve is probably brush away, never to be seen again. I’d like to think that this is an analogy for how we all feel about the past year. It’s been some hard times, ya’ll.

But rather than sweeping it all apart like yesterday’s disco glitter, I’m reflecting on a few highlights and exercises. Now are some of my takeaways from the ponderous( sometimes metal) 2020 😛 TAGEND

:: Adapting is a helpful existence science. Like a lot of people, I like my consolation zones very much. This past year? Those were blown out of the ocean. That entail I needed to learn to swim if I didn’t want to sink. So I did. Sometimes you gotta go take those textbook senses from the Universe and roll.

:: Life is treasured. Covid created this lesson home hard-bitten. Behind the situations, one of my loved ones was diagnosed with a chronic condition that changed video games in a not-so-pleasant way. Lesson: enjoy every moment together.

:: It’s never too late to change your counseling. I’ve been speaking tarot for the masses for thirty years. In 2020, I felt called to leant my power into writing and teaching. It’s scary to make a hard right turn at my age, but dammit, there is no time like the present to pivot. If not now, when?

:: Growing up poverty-stricken can prepare you for the hard stuff. When the chips fell down to the ground, I was fine. I remained hectic, went innovative, and hunkered down. These are things I’ve had to do before- so it wasn’t a big deal. Getting deposited at home? My introverted place was more than happy to live like a recluse.

:: Family is everything. Sure, I wasn’t able to hug my babies or visualize my beloved aunt. But I do appreciate them now more than ever.

:: Real friends will always have your back. I discovered who my relied utterances are after an incident with a hater. Boy, does it feel good to know you’ve get solid kinfolks in your circle.

:: Losing a baby is hard work. When my beloved “cat-o-nine-tail” TaoZen passed away, I was crushed. It was a cruel blow in a too-cruel year. I’m still mourning him, but he visits me every very often in my dreams. Frankly, I don’t know if I is to be able to “get over” the loss. Maybe I don’t have to. Grief isn’t some messy thing to clean up – it’s just another facet of a life well-lived( and a “cat-o-nine-tail” well-loved ).

:: When life gets tough, adoration is always the answer. Focusing on loathe? Getting bitter? Not policy options. Instead, enjoy, gratitude, and plenty o’ self-care constitutes the world countries turn in very good way.

So those are some of my takeaways from these hard times. What about you? What did you learn? And what are you expecting in 2021?



This beautiful crystal heart and trinket dish was my favorite gift.

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What I’m Grateful For:


A long series of periods off

Writing time

My students

Brisk weather

Soundtrack for 1/2/ 21:

Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees

Blessings, Theresa

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