The Importance of Holistic Self-Care

Written by Eric Stephenson, Chief Wellness Officer, Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC

How well are you taking care of yourself? Perhaps that is a matter you regularly ask yourself or maybe it’s one that has gone by the wayside.

Life can be busy. And with everything you are juggling – family, friends, task — it can be difficult to prioritize self care. People don’t always approach health holistically and oftentimes isolate their self help chores concentrated on either the spirit or the body. Let us break down the importance of holistic self-care and provide some easy patterns you can to incorporate into your self-care routine.

So what exactly is “Holistic Self-Care” and why is it so important?

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as – “the active pursuit of tasks, alternatives and life-styles that is conducive to a government of holistic health”. The each category of holistic state are often broken down into mental, feeling, physical and spiritual aspects but could also include other aspects such as social and environmental appearances as well. Beginning with a broad clarity of wellness enables us to hone our focus.

You can think about holistic self-care as the physical as well as the feelings aspects of wellbeing. Because it may be difficult to define, it’s helpful to have a model from which to reference. Duke Integrative Medicine’s Wheel of Health,( 2010) smashes it down into seven major categories 😛 TAGEND Movement, use and rest Nutrition Personal and professional development Physical environment Relationships and communication Spirituality Mind-body connection

One of the featured areas of focus on this pedal is the Mind-Body Connection. Although sometimes viewed as separate, your recollection and body are powerful allies. How you think can affect how you feel. And conversely how you feel can affect your thinking. We have all suffered personal and professional worry and stress as many stages in “peoples lives”. You may even be able to recall how psychological stressors led to physical anxiety such as tension, grief, headaches, and stomach problems. Similarly, physical grief, anxiety, or health problems can negatively affect your spirits and guide you to feel chilled, expectant, or accentuated. This strong illustration supports why having a well-rounded approach to self-care is so important.

So when it comes to supporting your holistic self-care there are few key patterns that can help make a huge difference on your overall well-being:

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Mental- trying out learning opportunities and challenge your brain regularly with problem solving practises Emotional- mind-body rehearsals like musing, deep breathing, and relaxation procedures focus on strengthening a harmonious connection between mind and form to maintain or improve state Physical- in addition to regular usage, schedule a monthly massage! Massage therapy blends self-care with professional care to help reduce pain, promote loosening, simplicity stress and strain, as well as aid in managing health and medical conditions. Spiritual- connecting with your inner self as well as the world around you through time spent in nature, reading and journaling and connecting in with your spiritual society to practice your beliefs in groups

Designing a holistic self-care propose can be an exciting and artistic seek! Begin your passage today.

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