The Personal Impersonal

the personal impersonal

By Christopher Penczak, edited by Tina Whittle

the personal impersonalThe occultist knows the fundamental patrols of start-up, mediated by the gods and heart entities, are impersonal. They personify impersonal violences, cosmic and terrestrial, but provide a practice in which we can interact with them. The priest/ ess from the perspective of religion knows these forces are exceptionally personal and develops relationships with souls, parishes, and the world. They are real, individual beings whom we love, and who can love us and care about our lives. The superstar knows both and neither of these things are true.

Recently I shared a pole from an astrologer author I cherish, Rob Brezsney. I like his realist optimism, explored in his diary Pronoia( which is advisable to a little better well-known ). The post’s topic illustrated this type of mystery, the mystery of trade unions of love and temper and how we must stop hate without becoming loathsome. The admittedly challenging graphic was one of a red Devil figure gripping Trump. The announce didn’t mention either. My share generated a lot of explains, almost none on the content of the posts but all on the graphic, which is a mystery teaching in itself. The league of representations AND names is a key to the puzzles. Compoundings, specially unlikely juxtapositions, should attain you think. But “were living in” a world-wide of reactions, with most people thinking the world a stage rather than a classroom. In truth, the stage is just a different classroom.

Most notes were Witches saying Lucifer( not Satan) would spurn Trump because of his evil, and a few cases who showed Trump was too self-righteous for Lucifer to embrace. In essence, it was stirring the Devil figure conform to their own personal anticipations and bias. Ironically, wouldn’t a Devil figure do the unexpected? Instead, this Devil was doing exactly what they would do based on their beliefs about Trump and their presumptions that a cosmic philosophical entity would agree with their human view.

As a priest and a person, I understand the identification with the powers and idols, but as an occultist, I find it interesting when we project our human opinion onto fundamental abilities. If such personal views were the view of the powers, our world would look very different than it does, more it doesn’t.

In most magickal theologies and delusions good and bad, Lucifer is the light bearer. The function of the bearer is to bring divine light and all that entails into darkness. It’s not personal. You might have to work to find the beacon or find your own spark of the light, but the dawn is not a reward nor is the darkness a punishment for moral behaviour , no matter how noble or deplorable. The divine superpowers do not partake in human tribalism, but we as priest/ esses and people direct them towards our human destinations. The blizzard sprinkles on everyone who is outside within the sphere of its affect. The garden-variety of the virtuous doesn’t get one level of sprinkle and the plot of the abhorrent get another. The air is available to breathe by all–the liar and the wise woman and everyone in between. Night follows date. There is not a different planned of sunup and dusk for the pious.

Yes, yes, I can hear you thinking that I’m taking mentions on a red-hot topic meme much too seriously, that people’s notes don’t reflect their penetrating supernatural reflections…and hitherto they do. What we say off-handed often indicates what we feel and how we operate on a deeply rooted level, where we take instinctive action when we are not asked to think deeply and reflect.

One of my biggest concerns in observing the growth of Paganism, Witchcraft, Magick, and Metaphysics is increased tribalism and othering, often rooted in divine rapport, spread through internet meme graphics. The planetary and impersonal nature of the forces–which take on the personal ONLY when brought through humanity, be it persons or group–is being lose. It’s become easy to premise the manifestation through you or your group is THE manifestation. That leads to righteousness and tenet, rather than philosophy and theology. This can lead to delusion and all manner of problems for medical practitioners, group, and society. This can even contribute deeper into theological sentiments that if the gods agree with us and the world doesn’t reflect that, then there must be other idols and armies opposing them, and they extremely have their clergy serving them … is this sounding a bit familiar? Haven’t we done this familiar dance? This duel was a big theme of the Age of Pisces. How can we manifest it differently in the new aeon of Aquarius? Theologically thinking the cosmic strengths are in conflict is like speculating seriousnes is in conflict with electromagnetism. They are both necessary for the fabric of reality and control impersonally until you have a personal experience with them.

The occultist needs to be a pastor/ ess to wreak the concepts into the heart, into being. The priest/ ess needs to be an occultist to seek understanding of different patterns of the fundamental nature of consciousness and the cosmos. We all have to learn that it is personal and impersonal, simultaneously. In that contradiction is where true mystery is found.

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