The World Will End In 3099 – Here’s how And Why!!!

This weekend I had an astonishing meditation. If you follow my emails. then you know I reflect for around 6 to 8 hours every Saturday!

During my Saturday meditations is when I astrally travel and meet with Saint Germain, and other Ascended Masters, all of my navigates and angels, and I also attend spiritual rehearsals in the higher astral realms!

This past Saturday was an amazing experience! As you are familiar with, often epoch when I return from my astral tours, after meeting with the Ascended Masters, they ever develop me for any upcoming force varies, phenomena, etc, in order for me to share their words with the rest of the world!

Well, after I returned this weekend, I was a bit made back by what they told me!

A Shocking Revelation Was Revealed To Me This Weekend

To start with, 2021 is going to be a very interesting year for many beings! How the year changes you is going to depend on several factors.

– Were you psychically protect itself against the vitality Tidal Wave that will be hitting?

– Do you make sure to have your Chakras and Aura balanced every 6 months?

– Are you living a life of truth, or are you involved in misleading practices, affairs, relations, relationships, etc?

Your actions will determine how 2021 plows you!

2021 is going to be a cleansing year, so anything that is done under the cover of darkness going to get disclosed for what it is, and brought to the light!

As I have said so many times, the earth is going through a late, evolutionary deepen, and Mother Earth is preparing herself for major upcoming modifications – and this is happening right now as you read this!

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When The World Is Going To End

I was told the world will end as we know it in 3099! With only a few hundred years left, the earth has a lot of cleaning up to do in the short time that is left!

The earth will be hit by a large meteor in 3099, and this will be terminated “peoples lives” words on the planet! A few will live, but it will take another 1000 times to repopulate the earth – bear the few survivors are able to make it!

Positive Steps You Can Take To Help Future Generations Prepare

Since your feeling has limited opportunities to come back to earth in future lifetimes, the time is now that you must start trying to live your life as solely, candidly, kindly, and compassionately as possible!

This is the time you are able to want to start beginning to 😛 TAGEND

– Get rid of any bad habits

– Become a friend who holds, rather than one who always asks for something in return.

– Focus on selflessness, rather than self-centeredness!

– Begin sharing what you know with others, and help them to achieve their highest spiritual possible!

Because time is now restriction for all of us…because the clock has already started ticking!

200 times onward may seem like a long time – but it is only four to six contemporaries into the future!

Things To Work On

– Work on becoming the best person you can now!

– Let drive of petty bitterness!

– Don’t is an attempt get even, or get one over on some other human being!

– Don’t is an attempt joke people, lie to them, or try to take advantage of them in any way!

ANY of these actions will come back to haunt your person in future lifetimes!

You CAN Make A Positive Impact!

Your behavior from this day forward will determine the types of future universes you will have! Remember, your actions today are creating your outcomes for the future!

I know this must be heavy information to hear, but now that you know this information you can start consciously working on creating more positive future outcomes!

And always make sure to apologize to those you have wronged because apologizing is the best way to reduce bad karma!

I will continue you posted as more is revealed to me!

I hope this has acted you…

In light and quietnes,

Tana Hoy

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