Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter

We all come in different shapes and lengths, with different talents and knacks. Yet, in spite of our differences, God’s plan for us is to be united with Him and in Him, with each other.

Jesus brings about this harmony through his Body, the Church. When we cooperate with God’s grace, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to set all the segments of the baffle together. When we sin, we obstruct unification and framed ourselves at risk of being that missing slouse of the puzzle. When Jesus marched this clay 2,000 years ago, he trod in the company of his devotees. They were the ones whom he physically assured and schooled. He conversed with them, ate with them, and shaped them to be his true partisans. Yet, because he is also God, Jesus discovered more than exactly the adherents who were with him at that precise minute in history.

In his petition, he saw every person who would come to know and adore him down through the centuries. Jesus prayed for the things which were dearest to his middle. He cried for us. He himself says:” Father, they are your gift to me .” Our faith is life-changing because we believe in a God who knows and cherishes us personally. He alone can satisfy all of our needs.

Jesus has announced each one of us to be his intimate friend. He affection us so much that the life he participate with the Father and the Holy spirit, he too shares with us. Let us try to live each day of our lives by his surface and attract others to him by our words and good works.

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