Tom Gilson November 1 Ministry Update

The run-up to the election has uttered work at The Stream improbably intense the last weeks or months, but it’s nearly over. Thank God, this whole crazy year 2020 is almost over. Our daughter, Lisa, is now living in southern Mississippi while her Army captain husband, Morgan, is on a long overseas deployment. A duet weeks ago I witnessed that Hurricane Zeta was aiming right toward where she lives. I texted her,” Zeta. 2020.” Nuff said ?” She agreed, yes, that was plenty. The typhoon did very little damage to her home, thankfully; some nearby neighbours lost a roof to it.

I can’t simply places great importance on the hard nonsense, though. My book Too Good to be False “ve earned” great critiques — it’s actually changing readers lives! It’s selling steadily, although not amazingly. It’s also predominated a great deal of time lately, and my ministry board of advisors has supported that. It’s time to reallocate my age now, though, and re-open the Spiritual Readiness curriculum that I’d back-burnered for a while. I’m going to enjoy the change.

My heart is really bent toward the message in Habakkuk 2:14: “The knowledge of the greatnes of the Lord will crowd the earth, as the sprays shield the sea.” That knowledge cannot come without a life-changing response. So in Too Good to be False, I included three major parts: “Greater Than You Knew, ” “Too Good to be False, ” and “Jesus, No Matter What.” The first two describe Jesus’ greatness and truth, while the third is about our response to him. The moment: Jesus is worth our part lives and more — no matter what.

Jesus, No Matter What!

Speaking and Teaching

Do you have a church group, a class, a small group that would love to hear more about how Jesus is greater than most of us have even realized? That He’s literally extremely good to be false? Are you connected with a group that could use real succour to follow Jesus no matter what? I’d love to come share, either online or in person. Just email me or use my contact page, and I’ll be glad to schedule it with you!

“No matter what” has always meant something in following Jesus, but its significance has been on the increase here in the Western world over the past two to three decades. Anti-Christian aggression has grown up. It’s strong in higher education, and it’s really powerful in leisure media — two of our culture’s more important centers of influence. It obligates following Jesus much more of significant challenges than when I was young.

I’m no prophet, but the road I attend these influences aligned, I expect it will get harder before it gets easier — and that this will be true no matter who prevails Tuesday’s election.

We Need Equipping

It’s not all bad. Jesus never said it should be easy. “In this world-wide you will have trouble, ” He said in John 16:33, “but take heart, I have overcome the world.” We thrive in relationship with Him when we experience Him doing that.

Yet we dare not be naive. The harder it gets, the more equipping it calls for. Too Good to be False has been a major part of my effort to equip as countless beings as possible, demonstrating them implements to understand Jesus’ astonishing greatness and the truth of His message. It’s just a portion of it, though. The next pace is a return to the Spiritual Readiness curriculum I’d begun, before I had to shift attention so much toward finalise and secreting the book.

It’s specifically focused on readiness to answer the hard questions we face as Christians, about the truth and goodness of the truth. I’ve learnt it previously, but I require it widely shareable, available to all. That represents putting it on the internet in numerou interlocking structures: Video teaching, student tones, professor indicates, discussion leader, and background for those who want to dig deeper.

I appreciate so much your devotions and funding as I invest meter and effort in this. I’ll save you posted on what you can see happening online. I may call on you for your objective feedback on it. God is in this, I’m reassured, and I’m grateful that you are, very!

In Christ,


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