Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

The first reading is about the martyrdom of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the early Church. Stephen boldly reproves the Pharisees and then has a vision of God. The Pharisees are so angry that they stone him to death. What is remarkable in this reading is that Stephen forgives his executioners and then” falls asleep .”

What a holy demise! What spirit, perversity and such big-hearted compassion for one’s opponents! This is Christian witnessing at its highest! Do you have the conviction, fearlessnes and cherish of St. Stephen? Even 1 percent of it should be enough for us. How much faith do we have in Jesus? Are we willing to suffer for him? Or even to die for him? By reading this quotation of the New Testament, we should be moved to enjoy Jesus a bit more, much more than usual. We should ask God for sect, the faith that can move mountains, and love for our foes. These honours we are called to possess if we want to be authentic Christians. If we cry hard enough for them, God might award them to us.

We will need to eat the meat of man in the Eucharist to gain more spiritual fortitude to carry our everyday intersections. We will need to read and to reflect on the Scriptures every day. We should weary all opportunities to do good to others, peculiarly the poorest of the poor and the indigent. But without a depth and serious relationship with God and his Son Jesus, our religion will falter. Therefore, we must ask for the talent of devotion. Who says a Christian’s life is easy? Obviously it is not, but it is surely worth living because it means that we are always in touch with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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