Weekly Astrology February 1st 2021 For All Signs 

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Weekly Astrology February 1st 2021 For All Signs

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Who is on your cheer squad?

Friends with resonance fire up your future

Age doesn’t matter in the Now Age

Now Age cherish for you is all about shared enjoy. Venus in your 11 th from the 1st tells you its not so much better about the one-on-one dreamy style. But the adore of friends, your glee crew, subsidize radical, buddies or the love you share with others for a induce, company, collective imagination or a better future. Clubs, radicals, Meetups, organisations, bandings, gatherings- all could peculiarity even at a distance and virtually now. Join up, is engaged in, reach out in any way you can think of.

Friends Bring Benefits

Ruler Mars does sunstruck on the 1st thanks to a scorching inclination between it in your 2nd and the Sun also in your 11 th. Defaces is sitting in your room not only of fund, but of self-esteem very. So, it’s not just about what you need materially for future developments, but is tied in to how you are treated by others very. And who out of your clique you can rely on- and who you can’t. Taken due note as this should be self-evident with one connection in particular.

Venus is in persuasive humor as it encounters Saturn in your 11 th on the 6th. What is it you need to ask from your communications? Peculiarly those who may have information, ordeal or are in a position to help you? When it comes to Now Age adore, this meeting is all about meter. Time to get serious. Time to call it quits. Or friends where this is a big age gap between you. Open up to inter-generational relationships this week. It’s not about senility, it’s about what you share on a mind grade that counts.

In a nutshell: Now Age love for you isn’t simply the romantic kind. Your love future includes friends and your wider social network. Don’t gave senility gaps prevent you apart the coming week. It’s all about what you share.


Best face forward

Project confidence

Look up to where you belong!

Best professional face forward now Taurus as ruler Venus properties in your 10 th this week, You likewise have Spoils in your 1st, firing up those passions and desires to succeed, be noticed and above all- impress. So, make sure you are not only dressed to do that but everything about you routes the message you are a force of fierceness to be judged with this week.

Even if you are not feeling at your most confident at the commencement of the week, fake it till you feel it as think you are, catered you project self-assurance , nobody will ever “know what youre talking about” shaking in those Jimmy Choos! It’s all about what you project as the Sun in your 10 th strikes Disfigures also on the 1st and questions just how serious are you about going what you crave? To the brave exit the bungles. Or that advertisement, enterprise volunteer or even that heart!

Make that unforgettable thought

Impressing someone in a position of influence, jurisdiction or ability could just feel like second nature to you on the 6th when Venus convenes Saturn in here. This is Saturn’s ruling house of course. Impressing someone could even to be applied to that prospective fan who could fall under the heading of’ quite the catch’. If you are looking to move on up the ladder professionally now, epitome will be as important as your experience. Make that beautiful move, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Author a fresh assembly in your personal success story this week, Taurus. It’s all about self-belief. You know all you have to offer. Ensure others do by projecting an image which says: You’re the real deal.


Are you the next big idea, Gemini?

Go after whatever it is you REALLY want

Commit to the dream

Giant leaps and big ideas. That’s what the Now Age is for you. You should be on a journey of learning and exploration now. Even if this is metaphorical rather than you heading to the airport! This week also associates you to those big-hearted loves as Venus sashays into your 9th house party on the 1st. This can include things you enjoy doing, or even a cherish of a theme, creed plan or plaza.

Chances are it tugs at your spirit and utilizes an evident and magnetized pull on you. Even if you cannot have it, know it or go to it at this pitch in time. As the Sun in your 9th strikes at Mars in your residence of spiritual road and obscured truths, you’ll realise how required it feels like to you. And how not at the very least going after it, is a non-negotiable. Getting behind your ideas is just one route you may answer this call.

Part of Who You Are

You may also unexpectedly see you’ve been settling for less. And how no matter how you try to reconcile this, something remains missing. Perhaps you told yourself what you actually required wasn’t possible. So, you took the next best thing. However, that Sun/ Mars slant could stir up uneasines if this has been the case. Venus fills Saturn in here on the 6th. Saturn regulates commitments. Need to make a brand-new hand-picked based on who you are and what absolutely matters to you, thoughts, body and soul? This could celebrate the start of that journeying towards living that dream or that love for real, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Doorways to a new statu of suffer open wide. This could be around an idea, opportunity, answer or that goal that represents a part of who you are. Go where it wants to take you, Gemini.


What you share or is shared modifies you

Who you are well aware may have access to what you need

The future is a two-way street

Changes with resonance peculiarity this week as could your finances as Venus arrives in your 8th. Venus patterns both your love life and your bank account. Your 8th is certainly your’ other’ money house and too your live of sexuality. This is your house of sharing and what is shared with you. It’s about an exchange of energy on a primal height. For speciman, you give your boss your time in exchange for your salary. Your bank gives you a lend in exchange for you entering into an agreement with them and compensating interest on it. You move in together or take out a mortgage. All this is an example of sharing.

Share and share alike

If you are seeking access to more resources this week- doesn’t matter what these may be- coin, jobs, friends, entree, a prospective mate, then your wider network is the best place to start. However, if there has been a one-sided exchange between you and the other- as in a friend you are always there to support but this is in fact a one-way arrangement, then the Sun’s angle to Mars in your 11 th including information on the 1st could raise things to a head.

When we share something with others, “we ii” transformed and so are they. This includes sex and all that 8th mansion material. A long-term commitment could peculiarity which is transformative for both parties as Venus fills Saturn on the 6th. Whether it’s around charity or fund, both of you are changed on a deep grade by it. And perhaps not only you, but your future too.

In a nutshell: Sharing is change and alchemy! What you share with someone or is shared with you in turn could boast and have a big influence on your future. Set something powerful in motion now.


Dust off that double act

Love comes locked in

Get ready for a heart-starter!

Partnerships, doubled ordinances, dynamic duos, your spouse, live-in or long-term lover, your friends, your business partner, that long term work relationship, your traitor or task partner or even that challenger or dissident – your ex for instance, that business competitor or frenemy- all these come under the rulership of your Now Age 7th.

Your 7th doesn’t simply rule love. It rules the opposite very. The person we have liked to detest in other words. Only ask any couple going through an acrimonious divide. Once upon a hour it was all hearts and flowers. Venus regulates this parliament and grounds in now on the 1st. You can expect this month to be dominated by one particular person or partnership concern in particular.

Love has nothing to prove

Yes, love will be all around for some Leos. And many of you could make that next big step in your relationship as Venus converges Saturn in now on the 6th. Perhaps deciding to get involved, move in together or re-affirm your cherish. Others could be integrated into a brand-new work relationship. Any prospective partnership opportunity that were presented now is dusted with long term potential.

Ruler the Sun tilts to Mars in your 10 th also on the 1st. For some of you, this may included a competitive edge if that’ opposite’ number is a business rival. You’re fired up to win and register you are the best show. But when it comes to love you don’t need to compete, Leo. If someone is compiling you feel you don’t measure up you have some serious reasoning to do now. You’ve nothing to prove to anyone who wants the real thing in a buff- or a friend.

In a nutshell: It’s all about you and another as Venus arrives in your Now Age 7th of long-term love and doubled accomplishments. Exactly recollect, Leo- it’s likewise about Just the Way You Are. You don’t have to try harder than that.


Make meter for what you want to do

Structure is what costs up your day

Get the Now Age working for you

Living it vast every day which the Now Age predicts may meet like a hard task given the current state of the world. Which is why the small stuff has never matter more, Virgo. Or the details which together all even off the full-time occupation of living.

Venus arrives in your 6th this week handing you the ability to make creative and thinker, figure, spirit enhances changes to your work( paid or unpaid ), your routine and your wellbeing. Likelihoods are if you are seeking to make adjustments, they will be fueled by the desire for a better cultivate/ life-time counterbalance. Focus on finding ways to hand yourself more age and power for the things you love to do and not the things you have to. The inclination between the Sun in your 6th and Mars in your 9th asks you if you are running on empty-headed, or if, by the time you have done what’s needed you have nothing left for yourself in terms of time or other resources.

Get Ready for a New Day

You’ll make long-lasting changes to correct this if that is the conclusion you come to this week. Focus on what matters and recharges you. Saturn preferences structure, formation, doing the work and committing. Doing the employment may only involve coming up with a better highway to planned your daytime which leaves occasion for you. Discipline and duration administration are your friends. The Venus/ Saturn conjunct on the 6th could also see job offers, a advertising or a brighter future when it comes to how you work, where and for how long for the Now Age, Cancer.

In a nutshell: The Now Age necessitates a brand-new mode of wreaking, Virgo. One that supports your wellbeing. And which doesn’t leave you suddenly on time for what you love to do. It begins with creating a brand new schedule of the main priorities this week.


Welcome back pleasure

Know where to draw the line

Live love huge for the Now Age

Passions, partners who bring with them children or parenting potential, your own children if you have them, creativity, adventure, a dash of extravagance and a chance to spoil yourself. Add a pat on the back for sticking out what has been a hard 2.5 years or so and what do “youve had”? A break in the heavy weather and a chance to reconnect to pleasure and charm, Libra.

Venus psyches centrestage into your 5th this week brings with it a chance to glamourize yourself, welcome in a new cherish, reconnect to a past one or hop back in to what gives you joy “the worlds largest”. No, the very best things in man has not been able to left the building. Something you have been waiting to happen could just undergo a turn around this week. You may however need to state your words or really hold firm in order to be allowed to manifest.

Passion IS Confidence!

The Sun in your 5th makes a scorching angle to Mars in its rule 8th mansion also on the 1st. This may be the day you have to stand by something you say or demonstrate someone in the nicest way possible that you are no push-over. This should been paid for you by the 6th- the day Venus and Saturn meet in here. By demonstration whatever it is you stand with confidence, an agreement could be reached which hands you what you’ve been missing all along.

Desires could just get answered. Or you welcome in a long-term cherish either on a personal level or via recognition for what you love to do, Libra. Embrace the pleasure-unpleasure principle for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus in your Now Age 5th the coming week directs in a brand-new round of fiction, enjoyable and sheer gratification, Libra. You’re in a feeling to affection and be loved in return. But that doesn’t mean you’re a push-over either.


Design living for the Now Age

Time to move on up

A fresh round opens doors

Living in the Now Age represents get clear about what that are meant to you, Scorpio. Venus moors in your 4th this week enhancing anything to do with real estate, asset subjects, rebuilding, redecorating or moving. Usually due to Mercury retro in now we would say this would not be the time to be contemplating buying, selling, hiring or loaning. But if you’ve read your monthly forecast for February you know this is one retro which does not rule these out.

Live Now for the Future

Mars in your 7th is not the best position for your old-fashioned sovereign. This is a relating sign and house and Mars energy doesn’t sit well in now. The 1st has Mars and the Sun in your 4th not exactly seeing eye to eye. This could to be translated into you and your other half or something you live with having a battle of wills. Perhaps over good-for-nothing much at all but it could get blown out of all amount. Best course of action if pressures rise or your loved one’s practices irk more than usual- do something constructive around the home or else blow off steam with exercise.

That being said, large-hearted decisions around how you are going to be living for the future and where can be made as Venus and Saturn meet in your 4th on the 6th. Again, this is tied to you knowing exactly what that is for you. Putting down springs even in a brand-new country is possible now. Saturn is still at an early severity of this house and you need to think of this as one door closing and another one opening. Venus adds to the feeling of permanency and a move for the better. The picks that you shape now for your lifestyle should enhance it. For future developments, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: The Now Age planets in your 4th are all about unlocking a new future for you. Specially when it comes to lifestyle, dwelling and putting down seeds. Make some long term preferences the coming week, Scorpio.


What are others REALLY saying?

Write yourself a brand-new future

Say it with love and mean it

Venus joins the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and governor Jupiter in your 3rd the coming week. Enhancing anything you say, send out or communicate with creativity and a touch of enticement. You can create a beautiful and also compelling meaning this week if you say it like you mean it and likewise said today with love.

Your radar will be on high alert nonetheless when it is necessary to what others are saying to you. Put it this way, you won’t put up with any BS or worse, fraudulent promises or flattery. You’ll have an unerring sense of whether what someone is saying in genuine or not. This starts for whether they are saying it to your face or on-line. That insincere dating profile? It climbs out at you like a red flag now. You’ll be aware of tacts like sub-text and body language when the Sun in your 3rd squares Spoils in your 6th. If person says one thing you’ll take note of the evidences that give away what they are really saying. And proceed accordingly.

Act on Ideas

This is however your time for ideas and acting on them. If you are thinking of launching a business, website or deferring that application, the facts of the case that Mercury is now retro in here would normally point to waiting and change. Yes, you can and should do that if you feel this is necessary. However, this Mercury retrograde you can bend the rules. Venus’s meeting with Saturn on the 6th is all about laying the foundations for a big idea. Or simply has undertaken to taking it further. Talking about what you will do is not an option. The future necessitates action in the current. So, is behind those messages. You’re authoring something big.

In a nutshell: The Now Age is all about thoughts for you, Sag. And being authentic with what you say. You’ll also know if others are speaking their truth. And act accordingly if not. You’re writing a brand-new destiny this week.


Long haul acts pay off

Do others indicate your values?

Bank on your own success story now

Venus patterns your coin house and arrives in it on the 1st. Joining the remainder of the Now Age planets in here. These include sovereign Saturn, the Sun, retro Mercury and Jupiter. Looking at your currency, resources and more importantly, your self-worth.

Saturn as you know is all about accountability and balancing the books. This week is linked to what you feel you deserve and how you are treated by others and even the world in general. Compensations for long term campaigns are what Saturn specializes in- as well as picturing those karmic checks and balances apply too.

Bank on the Future

The Sun in your 2nd requirements asks from someone about whether they mean it or are accountable on the 1st. It puts Mars in your 5th on the spot. Have they been constituting promises but not handing? This is the day you could well see if they are all talk and no element. Don’t be afraid to find out where you stand.

For you the Venus/ Saturn fit on the 6th could nonetheless extradite long awaited financial remunerations, the ability to take control of your fund for the future or a brand-new source of income. This isn’t about windfalls or prevailing the lottery( sorry !). But there’s something so much more self-worth boosting and soul satisfying knowing you were the one who did this. Priceless.

In a nutshell: Something could arrive to boost both your ego and actual merit, Capricorn. Your take out from this is knowing you did this all by yourself. Staying such courses will prove to be oh-so-rewarding.


Feel it to lure it

Upgrade your environment- both inside and out!

Make room for the Now Age

Are you ready for Future You, Aquarius? Or very, the world is waiting for your be closed down. A brand-new you for the Now Age is what Venus in your 1st from the 1st brought you. It’s arrival in here observes the commencement of a new repetition of attractivenes. Look it and feel it to have it now.

Time spent on your idol, figure, wording, ogle or profile will pay dividends. Not exclusively does it realise you feel good- very important if the lockdown blues are intruding on your birthday repetition; but it heightens your pulse. So, you attract in the brand-new, attitude converting and parties and opportunities that manifest your brand-new fabulousness!

Get innovative with this process and while you are at it- don’t leave out your dwelling. Peculiarly if you are feeling somewhat locked-in due to working or home schooling now. Taints in your 4th can get antsy as all this domesticity isn’t Mars’s thing. You may feel especially inhibited with the Monday blues on the 1st when the Sun in your signal ardours up any discomforts. Don’t see this as negative nonetheles. But as a call to action to use that creative power to change up your space. Get rid of clutter and if own family members are home with you, involve them. You’ll be amazed at how much better you all feel afterwards.

Cause future developments cavity

The star day of the week for you has to be the 6th when Venus and Saturn meet. Think of this as a entrance being thrown open to a previously unexplored one of the purposes of your home. There’s a feeling of anticipation about what you can now do with all this extra seat. Well, this meeting between Venus and Saturn tells you there’s a seat or stance opening up in your life. For whatever it is you want the future to “ve brought you”. How you embellish it or who you invite in- wholly up to you.

In a nutshell: Whatever you are seeking to attract for your new cycle, it needs space to move in to, Aquarius. This week is an excellent time to make room for your future vision. And to feel ready to entice it.


Ditch those old-time 12 th house rules for the Now Age

Get to the truth

Your thought shows what you can achieve

If you have read your monthly estimated for February you know it’s time to explore a new type of 12 th home vitality. Not the old depressing, what lies beneath with suction you under kind which is so last century. But the Now Age nature which intends to go you higher. Higher cherish, intuition, soul directions and inventive and psychic abilities.

Venus assembles the remainder of the Now Age planets in here from the 1st. While the same day receives the Sun make an expose to Mars in your intelligence sector. If you’ve been wanting to get to the bottom of something, this is the day to get your answers. And you won’t be covered off with reasons that simply don’t ring true for you.

Compound dreams with practical steps

That deepened talent and clairvoyant feels is actually underpinned by a plan or role. This New Age 12 th mansion vibe says you’re clearly realise what got you to where you are now. And the steps you need to take to move ahead. Or not repeat the past but use it to build something better.

Your 12 th rules what some people may think is impossible. But Saturn in now shows you that this may not be the case. While Venus meeting Saturn on the 6th tells you that while other parties may determine limits, you realise opportunities to begin something for real. Love or those dreams get grounded into practical steps now. You can find the balance between imagination and realism when it comes to going after your dreams.

In a nutshell: Time to reinvent your 12 th house for the Now Age, Pisces. Yes, they may say you’re a daydreamer. But you have the tools to obligate them all too real now.


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