Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 8th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs February 8th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Sign February 8th 2021

By our astrologer Elena


Second occasions align you to your goals

Begin something new

It’s all desire all the way for the Now Age!

Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s. Love and other opportunities are in the air this week. Be wide open to what form they may take, Aries.

Opening your stomach is the key to drawing the best possible use of the pinnacle of the Now Age climate that’s had taken place in your 11 th. Second lucks across all areas are possible now. As well as new beginnings. This week understands the Now Age forecast heyday with six planets in now at the time of the New Moon on the 11 th. The same day as Venus and Jupiter meet in now. This along with the satisfy of the Sun and Mercury on the 8th and Mercury and Venus on the 13 th point to exciting new rounds and fresh starts. Extremely when it comes to connections, writing, the suggestions and the internet. Your 11 th is all about cares and dreams. Make one and it could just come true now.

Into the Future Together

Valentine’s Day handwritings us the second of three Mercury/ Jupiter meetings together with a potent Cupido/ Ceres/ Moon coincidence in your 12 th squaring the Galactic Centre in your 9th. Astrologers don’t often hear a line up like this. And we would say all that occurs this week suns a pathway towards your future destinations. Be they in love, business, wandering( eventually !) or learning. It’s also a time like no other for opportunities to reappear. Including that lost love.

Use this vigour to start your wander this week. Whether this is a real one or a symbolic one. Whatever you do- don’t do nothing as this week above all others this year, determines your future on a direction that will last-place for the following 12 months. And picture the love to anyone you please. What matters most is who comes with you on this journey. You don’t have to go it alone, Aries.

In a nutshell: What does love look like this week, Aries? If you have no special someone passion is still in the air. Open your middle to all your joinings and was an indication how they matter. Friends affiliate you on a excursion this Valentine’s week.


Power up your cherish!

Big opportunities circumvent you

Friends, contacts and networks oil your future

We know your ruler Venus is associated with all good things. And Jupiter simply means a larger experience or slice of these! So, imagine what a Venus/ Jupiter conjunction adds up to for you! This coincidence is one all astrologers see as making big breakthroughs, mixtures and opportunities. For you, it occurs in your vocation, public image and status sector. Meaning reinforces and approval are on their path, Taurus.

The plethora of Now Age planets of members of this house tops this week. The new Moon in now on the 11 th pass the same day as the Venus/ Jupiter intrigue. And makes the number of members of planets in now to six. Not exactly that, “were having” the Sun conjunct retro Mercury in here on the 8th, Mercury and Venus conjunct on the 13 th and the second largest of three confronts between Mercury and Jupiter occurs on the 14 th.

Recognise the Love

Love or your relationship is also something which impacts on your status or public image. Honors and identification for long term attempts are on offer. You may have a big announcement to attain which moves others sit up and take notice. Or you are the recipient of a big, separating bit of story. The new Moon marks the start of a fresh beginning which could see you make the next big step in your ambitions, plaster that relationship or even move.

Valentine’s Day also associates “youre going to” friends and your big network of resources. What you do could construct them sit up and take notice as Cupido, Ceres and the Moon form a superconjunction in your 11 th and provoke the Galactic Centre in your’ other’ money house. Embrace anything from dominance moves to the power of beloved this week.

In a nutshell: Reports or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for has others “ve seen you” in a brand-new lighter, Taurus. Love gives your status higher as ruler Venus meets Jupiter in your compensations and recognition sector.


Go after what you want

Get a bigger passion

Taking a chance on ardour pays off

Be fearless in pursuit of what you ardour this week, Gemini. You’re a raging fighter for infatuation. Don’t settle for the so-so either. You are destined for something much bigger.

Settling will no longer be an option for you now. Ruler Mercury is performing a retrograde like no other in your 9th. Meeting the Sun (8 th ), Venus( 13 th) and Jupiter( 14 th ). This week likewise delivers a new Moon in now on the 11 th and a fulfill between Venus and Jupiter on the same day. This is of course, Jupiter’s ruling house. So, guess large-hearted, daring new beginnings. And all-encompassing cherishes. You either feel the passion totally- or you realise you have now to go endeavour it.

Reclaiming it is also possible. Yes, this is the one Mercury retro which countenances propels and new beginnings. But too for the returns of lost cherishes, points and large-scale solutions to anything that has impeded you stay for too long. You’re being released into something new and better now. Aim higher when it is necessary to both desire and your career.

Know large-scale or forget about it!

Above all, take a chance now. V-Day doesn’t merely raising the potential for large-scale bulletin with that Mercury/ Jupiter meeting. But big moves if you fare apply that fierceness to your job or departing after what you crave in any region. You have a superconjunction between Cupido, Ceres and the Moon in your 10 th. Which squares the Galactic Centre in your partnership and long-term love/ relationships sphere. When it comes to anything that gets your feeling thumping faster this week Gemini your catch-phrase certainly is: Go large-hearted or go home.

In a nutshell: If it doesn’t fire your mind, then time maybe you need to replace it with something that does, Gemini. Settling for less exactly doesn’t do it. This week say to you merely the biggest love fits the bill.


Embrace empowerment

Changes are linked to person freedom

Work that sexiness!

The next few weeks are going to exert a powerful force-out for evolutionary alter, Cancer. But it all begins the coming week with a call to transform a key points of your life. This could touch on your income, salary, benefits or maintenance fees, your mortgage, seam resources and finances and anything you share with another person. From that berthed to who does what around the home.

Access to a larger share or having more at your disposal is what this is all about for you. This week observes the top of the Now Age weather running in your power-house 8th. And it will continue on over the next month or so. The new Moon in now on the 11 th sees a total of six planets in now. Sun, Moon, retro Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

You are being entrust the tools to bring about lasting and positive changes now. Getting a’ yes’ answer on something may constitute a part of this. We have glinting, five whiz concurrences spread across this house with big alignments taking place in here. All designed for your benefit. Second chances, revisits, returns and rebirths are presaged. Date to watch are not just the day of the new Moon which too learns Venus and Jupiter formation a desire-manifesting conjunction; but too Sun/ Mercury conjunct (8 th ), Mercury/ Venus conjunct( 13 th) and Mercury/ Jupiter for the second time on the 14 th.

You’re making seductive back!

Hot love could boast for many this Valentine’s week as your 8th rules obsession, lust and yes, copulation. Flirtations could abruptly flare into down-right nuclear meltdown chain reactions. Settleds could be in for red-hot ardour for stay-home floor is lava fury. If so, condemned the super-conjunction between Cupido, Ceres and your lord the Moon in your 9th. All hitting the Galactic Centre in your 6th on the 14 th. Yes, heat can be found right where you are, Cancer. Love the one you’re with- or is linked to. And don’t forget- love is the ultimate force for change now.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon marks the start of a powerful repetition for evolutionary modify, Cancer. Your ability to direct future developments in the direction you want it to go is overstated. As is your sex appeal!


Take heart-centered action!

Duets and doubled numbers are the flavour of the week

Love proposals a few seconds chance

Make a hope around charity, what you love to do or what you would love to have or know-how the coming week, Leo. It’s all about heart-centered action for the Now Age. We have flower planetary activity in your 7th at the time of the new Moon on the 11 th. This daylight meets a total of six planets in here. Your sovereign the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus which guidelines this house, Jupiter and Saturn.

Start in the Name of Love!

There has never been a better week to act in the name of love- or whatever it is you adoration, than this one. It’s a epoch for fresh starts, new beginnings and too second risks and the return of lost the possibility for you, Leo.

You don’t have to wait for the day of the new Moon for this to happen. The 8th has the Sun meet retroactive Mercury in now. This could tag news from the past or someone or something returning. This is a Mercury retro like no other. Sure, those retro rules still apply. But you can begin again or anew under this one in a way that is usually off-limits. Take it when it comes to any kind of partnership or double-act , nothing is now. The era of the brand-new Moon realizes Venus meet Jupiter bigging up that affection influence for you. While Mercury and Venus meet in here on the 13 th.

Don’t forget, Venus regulations your bank account as well as your love life. While Mercury governs commerce and communications. Jupiter offers solutions, opportunities and super-sizes the potential of anything which comes under the rulership of the house it is in. So, large-hearted love, lucky breaks and huge opportunities which would involve you and at least one other person surround you this Valentine’s Day which is when Mercury and Jupiter meet for the second time. Hence the emphasis on second chances.

This day also has a super conjunction occurring in your’ other’ money house and likewise residence of sizzling rage – your 8th. Cupido, Ceres and the Moon all cojoin and tightly align to the Galactic Centre in your 5th. Children, babies, young people, the young at heart and all things romantic and leonine, could have a fated feel. What evidents could touch on your professional status as well as that person who attains your nerve beat faster. Someone could show you just how much you mean to them. You have to feel it to go for it now. Walk to the pulsated of your center the coming week, Leo.


Take a chance in the name of love

Look Closer

Make a brand new living start

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in its rule 6th. But as you know( or should do) by now, we are dealing here with a retrograde like no other. Old rules and brand-new ones becomes available. Adaptability and open-mindedness feature as does taking a chance.

This week encounters the planetary activity peak in your Now Age 6th. On the working day of the brand-new Moon( 11 th) we will see a line up of six planets in now. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. So, it’s back to that creating of your best life to be lived each and every day. And loving the results. Continue to think work, studies, garbs, diet, fitness, chores, routine and yes, domesticateds if you have them.

New job opportunities could seem or past ones return when the Sun and Mercury meets on the 8th. The new Moon on the 11 th occurs the same day as Venus and Jupiter meet. While Venus will meet your governor on the 13 th. Refocus on plans, evaluate your self-care and relaunch something if necessary.

Adoration could be closer than you think

Yes, but what about the adore? It is Valentine’s week after all! If you are seeking adore this week it could be found closer than you think. Connected to your orbit or line of work even. If person or something reappears now, it has your call all over it.

Settleds may have a new appreciation for their partner based on what they do for them every day of the year as to report to precisely one. Valentine’s Day considers Mercury meet Jupiter for the 2nd era. Valentine’s messages could include positive handiwork evolutions. Or new ways to say’ I love you’ as in a invention to love.

A super conjunction in your 7th gives you three times the adore thanks to Cupido, Ceres and the Moon. All initiation the Galactic Centre in your 4th. Love incudes beginnings, your residence, category or not minding celebrating the cherish at home. Taking you right back to everyday cherishing. Close to home.

In a nutshell: That Grand Design for Living extends to one for beloved this week, Virgo. Again, its an’ Embrace All Areas’ approach. It all computes up to simply having more to desire- and it is all around you now!


Love Beyond Fabulous

Kick-start romance

Work it like a Diva!

You’re serving fabulousness this Valentine’s week, Libra. Ruler Venus is in da house – your 5th mansion. Along with the Sun which patterns this house, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. And on the day of the new Moon( 11 th) this vitality peaks with a total of six planets in here.

It’s time for new beginnings in love, clevernes, children and good times. Yes, the latter may have been absent recently. But the coming week could distinguish your turning point. You’re the ruler this week and you are obligating nothing short of royal progress towards something close to your feeling. “Thats one” of your houses of attraction. Look to the future especially at the time of the new Moon which is also the day Venus and Jupiter meet in now. What is it you crave from love for your future? This includes the things you love to do.

Work it Like a Diva!

Don’t hide yourself apart this week even if in lockdown. You need to work this vigour not so much better like a boss but like a diva! Put yourself, your passions, your ingenuity out there any lane you are eligible to. This is the’ radiate’ part of the entertainment process. If you are home alone, then even if you are reaching now automatically for those sweat gasps, a spritz of cologne could add the feel-good touch. But what not dress up like you are off to the premiere even if it is taking place in your sofa room? Again, it’s about what you put out there.

Many of you could see opportunities or devotees return this week. All thanks to the Mercury retrofactor. It’s a week to make a wish and then head towards it filled with fulfilment apprehensions. You once know this is a retro like no other. Key dates are the 8th- Sun and Mercury conjunct, 13 th- Venus and Mercury conjunct, and 14 th- the second meeting between Mercury and Jupiter. It’s all are connected to cosmic prescribe and desire.

The 14 th too brings you a super-conjunction in your home of every day wellbeing and work between Cupido, Ceres and the Moon. These square the Galactic Centre in your 3rd of information, exchange and communications. So, recall not only large-scale loves but everyday ones too. Displacements around your chore, period undertaking or studies or even those wonts, bring you more of what you really want. That’s the royal progress for you this Valentine’s week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Own your fabulousness, Libra. And don’t go after anything that you don’t hope soul, body and soul. From the smallest need to the biggest love – you can depict so much better to you this week.


Live love on a larger scale

New tendencies originating from the past

Play by the rules – yours!

The brand-new Moon appears in its decree 4th the coming week. It’s all about residence, life, living arrangements and owning your future path. The Grand Design that you set in motion now could expand your lifestyle, space or even career potential. Time to live it big, Scorpio.

We are in retroactive condition like nothing you have seen before. Returns, second occasions and missed opportunities re-imagined could be winging your way like Valentine’s cards from the universe this week. Those retro-Mercury transits could concede past orders. Or raising bulletin you have given up on.

Expand your Love Network

It’s also time to network, express your uniqueness and maybe even bend the rules a little- or adjust your own ones. Times to watch or simply dare to colour outside the lines of that home-made Valentine’s card are the 8th- Sun/ Mercury conjunction; 11 th- brand-new Moon+ Venus/ Jupiter conjugation, 13 th- Mercury/ Venus meet-cute and then the 14 th- Mercury meets Jupiter for the second time!

Your luck factor could get improved this week thanks to Jupiter. Plus, there’s a super-kiki happening in your 5th between love-crazy Cupido, Ceres and the Moon. All tilting to the Galactic Centre in your 2nd of self-worth. Valentine’s luck includes a past, present or possible partner or being. Or a new attitude emerges. Claim the direction adored wants you to head in now.

In a nutshell: Love may be centered around home, kinfolk, where you live or simply what hands you that feeling of belonging, Scorpio. This week wants you to expand your sentiment of what’ family’ is. Share the love.


Launch those ideas

Get “re ready for” out of the blue solutions

Love powers future developments forward

Ruler Jupiter is acting as Fat Cupid this Valentine’s week, Sag. Get ready for some electrifying surprises now. The air around you is crackling with contents of love, yes refutes and highest potential. Take those strategies and goals off the back-burner. Time to set them in motion.

Mercury is retrograde in its find 3rd. But thanks to the mega-tastic Now Age line up in here, this is a retrograde where forwards flow , not backwards, is favoured. Your Tarot card for the week if you want to embrace its vigour is the 8 of Rod. Ideas and Cupid’s arrows are flying through the breath, bringing in a rush of fresh hope and opportunities.

The Sun and Mercury meet in now on the 8th. You’re on a opening count-down now. The brand-new Moon of the 11 th realises the vigour pinnacle. You have six planets in here on this day. Including Venus and Jupiter conjunct. This is what astrologers call a’ 5 Star’ conjunction. Meaning it doesn’t get any better than this. This thing is about focussing your intensity onto a key goal or idea now. Or even that relationship.

Opportunities transcend day and room

You’re likewise want to express the love you feel especially on the lead-up to V-Day when on the 13 th Mercury meets Venus. There’s a boldness and open heartedness about this. You own your own feelings and that is all that weighs for you.

Feeling confident in what you say, create and share is second nature as Mercury and Jupiter meet for the second time on the 14 th. This could see the return of something for some of you. This date likewise entrust you a mega-conjunction in your 4th between the Moon which regulates this house, Ceres and Cupido firing off an arrow for you around something personal and be attributed to feeling pleasure. All three make a close-fisted direction to the Galactic Centre in your 1st. Play with quantum potentials. Something could come spinning out of time and infinite to catch up with you in the present moment. It’s the universe’s way of saying’ I love you’ this week.

In a nutshell: Ideas to fall in love with become part of this week’s Now Age beginnings in your 3rd. If you’ve been waiting for answers, green lights or solutions, Cupid or rather Jupiter, delivers the Valentine’s message, Sag.


Know you own it to have it

Embrace unshakable self-esteem

Love yourself and the world countries loves you back

This week is going to show you that simply demanding something or visualising it, isn’t enough. You need to know you are worthy of it. There’s a minted feel to Valentine’s week for you. Abundance and self-worth are mindsets. They have little or nothing to do with what is in your bank account or what you own or have.

Venus is the ruler of your 2nd. You have a multitude house in now with the Sun, retro Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and sovereign Saturn. The 11 th raises a new Moon in now and a total of six planets. All asking you what it is you feel you deserve or can attract for this upcoming Now Age cycle. As this is a Venus ruled live, we are taking love as well as money. This is your house of resources. They include those relationships you know you can’ bank’ on no matter what. In other statements, what coin cannot buy you.

Money can’t buy you self-worth either. You can have a closet full of Hermes Birkins and still feel like you don’t matter. The endowment this Valentine’s wants to bring you whether “youre ever” single and searching or resolved, is something which plasters that self-esteem or shows you just how much you are valued. New beginnings and fresh starts are possible around your income thanks to this rule-breaking Mercury retrograde. Or that all important loved-up feeling.

Love you can bank on

The Sun conjunct Mercury on the 8th could not just see the bounce-back of an opportunity you thought had gone, but see you launching a brand-new appreciate structure. Especially at the time of the new Moon which coincided with Venus and Jupiter conjunct in now. This points to expansion and amplifications. Mercury and Venus meet on the 13 th and Mercury and Jupiter have their second encounter on the 14 th.

Something could be put in place that enables you to not just feel loved-up but minted in a way that is priceless now. The 14 th discovers a love-in happening between Cupido, Ceres and the Moon in your 3rd. All three square the Galactic Centre in your inscrutable 12 th. So, mull the epicentre of all the mysteries of the universe in your live of riddles. What emerges from this could be a love from the past. What leads around is fired by Cupid in your counseling this week.

In a nutshell: Money can’t buy you adore. But self-worth pass you something priceless, Capricorn. This week says to have it, you need to know you can. Deservedness is your V-Day gift.


Own your magic

Don’t wait- begin it now

Try a little outrageousness!

Your Now Age vigour peaks with six planets in a loved-up mood in your sign for V-Day week. This marks the start of one of the largest part rounds “youve had” suffered, Aquarius. It’s very much self-directed, self-driven and self-designed. This week you are The Magician in the Tarot. With all our alchemistic and mystical tools set off before you. And the ability to direct your future down any itinerary you would like it to go.

Believe in Your Own Magic

Mercury retro in your 1st has just take you back to reclaim lost parts of the Wonder that You Are. It are also welcome to usher in missed opportunities, revivals and second occasions. Unlike other Mercury retros this one favours new beginnings. Especially as you may be in a attitude not to wait, Aquarius. Newsworthy fresh starts could occur on the 8th when the Sun and Mercury meet in your ratify. Or you take the initiative and pushing for your plans.

Luck and adore are both powers working in the area of you the coming week. Take chances and again, believe in your own ability to make it happen for the Now Age. Those goals and images are going to be as unique as you are. To own them is to super-charge them now. Elemental new beginnings are differentiated by the new Moon of the 11 th. This epoch likewise experiences Venus and Jupiter meet in your 1st. Your image, face, impression, wording, label, profile and letter have a bigger than usual role to play. Stand out and get yourself noticed.

Get a little bit of care fulfilment happens on Valentine’s Day itself. The era before Mercury and Venus meet. But there’s a back to the future date following between Jupiter and Mercury on the 14 th when they meet for the second time.

The super-mash up between Cupido( yes, the dude with the bad strive !), Ceres and the Moon in your 2nd aligns to the Galactic Centre in your 11 th. The residence where goals and pleases are positioned and also fulfilled. It could be for you this year, that Cupid’s arrow flies straight to its mark. You’re on target for entertainment, approval, a fresh start or simply second occasion around charity and other opportunities this week. A little self-belief is the best possible Valentine you can send yourself.

In a nutshell: Let get of what you know or think is possible for you to have, Aquarius. Reshape your potential by updating that look. And such an attitude. Ensure it’s set to’ Attract’.


It’s not thought- it’s potential

Embrace the unexpected

Love from the past is reborn

Love connects you to the past this week. Something or someone could return under the peak 12 th residence climate. Retrograde Mercury says anything that reappears now could do so under a fresh appearance. If not, fortunes you know intuitive something new is just around the corner for you. Even if you’re not specific just what.

Your hundred clairvoyant gumptions are working overtime now. Intelligence comes to you immediately directed from the resources peculiarly around the 8th when the Sun and retro Mercury meet. Clairvoyance, mediumship and using the Akashic record like your own personal database is possible. Plus while there may be no’ logic’ to what you sense or come up with to countless, it turns out nevertheless to be spot-on.

If you work in a Now Age, regenerating or innovative professing or actually any area requiring leaps of the imagination, the coming week offers breakthroughs and stunning possible to progress. The new Moon in your 12 th on the 11 th fetches peak energy for you. We are periods away from the Sun arriving in your mansion. You will now be extremely focussed on what you want for this new cycle. This is your start date.

Fresh relevant, new possibles

The new Moon coincides with Jupiter and Venus conjunct. While the 13 th sees Mercury conjunct Venus. Old enjoys may feature. Plus you can release yourself from any elements which restrain you unnecessarily to your past now. Time to explore what your imagination says you can achieve. The more you let go of restrictions, the more possible it may look.

Secret beloveds or unlooked for or unexpected opportunities could add extra special Valentine’s magic on the 14 th. This stigmatizes the second meeting between Mercury and Jupiter. But you will likewise personally are to enjoy the super-conjunction between Cupido, Ceres and the Moon in your 1st. Cosmic change could bring about a answer or flee into something better provisioned you are prepared to compromise and/ or let go. There’s a acquire/ win on the table this week. It could be around a person or a desire that’s close to your mettle. You have the intuition it was necessary to make it real.

In a nutshell: It’s not just love in the air this week- but the feeling you’re on the brink of something new, Pisces. Follow up on those inklings. Imagination isn’t only wishful thinking. But a guidebook for the future.


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