What are Level 10 Life Goals?

What are Level 10 Life Goals? | California PsychicsFind Happiness with Level 10 Life Goals

Everyone wants to live happy and fulfilling lives, but sometimes it can seem like an impossible undertaking. Humans are multifaceted beings and as such, it sometimes feels as if when you get one part of your life under control, another aspect goes off the rails! But what if there was a way to help you find balance and true-life gaiety in all aspects of your life? In his life altering book, “The Miracle Morning” Hal Elrod gives you the tools and admonition to take your life to the next rank. He calls it Level 10 Living, and with a little determination it is something that everyone can achieve.

Specify Your Goals

The first step is figuring out where you are right now on a scale of 1 to 10 in 10 key areas of your life. The next step is to come up with ways of boosting each area so that they can all be 10 ’s. Being honest with yourself is key here. No one is going to see what you wrote down as this is strictly for you to help you visualize where you are now and how to story your footpath to fulfillment. Here are the 10 areas and a few lessons for how to raise each one to Level 10.

Family and Friends

Even introverts need tie sometimes. Try to include shared epoch with the people in your life. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy your alone time, but look for a healthful symmetry between the two.

Have dinner with friends or category once a few weeks. Order rather than text someone for a midweek or midmonth chat. Check in on friends you haven’t heard from in a while.

Personal Development

Hal Elrod writes that the path to being successful began with personal proliferation. What do you feel is blocking your track to becoming the best version of yourself? What do you need to change or work on within yourself so that the blockage can only be removed?

Try to read 10 pages of a diary a era and over the course of the year you could have well over 15 works read! Take continuing ed first-class for your battlefield of expertise or branch off into something new. Store a journal so you can see how far you have come.


Spirituality represents more than really belief, it’s about how you connect with something that is bigger than you. And you can embrace it any course that feels right to you.

Daily meditation. Try building yourself up to 30 minutes per day in 5-minute increments. Daily acts of kindness. Reflect on what being spiritual means to you.


I think everyone want to find monetary abundance and stability but what that might look like will change depending on the person and where they find themselves in their lives.

Put together a plan that you can stick to. Save 10% of your paycheck. Use on bettering your credit compose.


Many beings spend so much better, if not more meter at work than in their own residences, so it is important that your job affirms you both personally and professionally.

Get additional certifications in your land or a new one if you are thinking about changing career paths. Networking with others in your field can open brand-new doors. Attend conferences and agreements in your battleground.


Your dreamy relationships need a different kind of loving care than your other liaisons. It’s important to remember two things when evaluating this section and come through here with your goals: all relationships are different, and they require work, so don’t compare your dreamy relationship to anyone else’s.

Set up a weekly date night. Try to really tune in when your collaborator is talking. Share activities that are crucial to you.

Fun and Recreation

All work and no gambling would make anyone feel out of sorts and drained. Make sure to include some amusing activities to help charge your batteries.

Try a new diner, disallow, or club. Maintain better sleep decorations to ensure energy is there. Association a monthly competition night with family and working friends.

Giving and Contribution

Living a Level 10 Life is more than staying focused on yourself and your needs. It also includes attending for others so that they are able to extremely, can live the life they desire.

Donate entries that you no longer was also necessary a faith or a nonprofit. Smile at beings you pass on the street. Voluntary to help at your local domesticated protect.

Physical Environment

Waking up or coming home to a mess can sap all your vigour and adjusted you up for despondency and feeling devastated. Assuring that your dwelling and cultivate spheres are at their optimal level will help you attain your own optimal levels.

Declutter your home or table. Develop a cleaning planned and stick to it. Hang light-footed bar curtains in your bedroom.

Health and Wellness

How you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally can affect how you are living your life. Often though, discounting your own body and continuing to push on is much easier. Take is necessary to take care of yourself.

Get in for a physical. Start a fitness or practise routine. Boozing more water.

Evaluate Your Progress

There is a third gradation to this, and that’s to repeat this exercise from time to time to evaluate your progress. One heads up, be ready to be surprised by what you learn. When I did mine, I was stunned how many of my areas were graded as being relatively high. I think it is possible to get so into the mindset that you’re not living to your potential that you dismiss just how far you have come. Make it a practice of remaking your register every couple of months to ensure that you are progressing and get ready to live your best life!