What is the Spiritual Meaning of Autumn?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Autumn | California PsychicsWelcome the Season of Autumn

The seasons are changing, and although many of us detest to say goodbye to the carefree periods of summertime, autumn is once again upon us. Everything is in balance again, day and night, light-colored and dark. And as such, it is a perfect time to reflect on who we were, who we have become, and who we will be.

What is the Autumn Equinox?

The Autumn or Fall Equinox recognizes the official end of summer and the beginning of fall. It frequently territory on September 22 or 23, but because of the difference between how the Gregorian calendar defines a year and the time it actually takes for Earth to complete its arena around the sun it could also fall on September 21 or 24, but that is a very rare occurrence.

Symbolism of the Season

While many of us will start thinking about ordinary fall things like pumpkin spice everything, sweaters, and proposing our Halloween costumes, there is so much more to this season. It is the time of the harvest, of preparing for the longer and colder lights, and of personal reflection.

Translation and Change

Both the Spring and Fall Equinoxes mark times of change and transition. But where we look to outward growth in the spring, in the come we look at the inner alterations that are to come during winter’s heavy introspection and self-work cycle. As the foliages change from their verdant tints of dark-green to the burnished canopies of amber, red, and orange, this is the time to see where we could use some polishing so that we can glow.

In some legends the symbolism of the serpent is tied in with the celebration that comes with the start of fall. Especially in how it molts its aged, dull scalp so that it can become not only bigger but too more dynamic. The process of removing its bark buds the serpent prone for a period of time as its gazes’ blue’ and become cloudy, making it hard to see. We are likewise evenly prone when we are in transition and much like the serpent, the translation may not be very comfortable, but not stretching and changing is likely to be even more distressing in the long run.

Thought of Our Inner and Outer Lives

The cooling temperatures portended a time of not only being inside where things are warm and comforting, but too of mentally and spiritually turning our focus within ourselves. Are we going in the right direction? Is the route that we set out on at the beginning of the year still performing our higher intent? “Wheres” we regarding our own Great Work, and what can we do to ensure that we are doing everything in our dominance to evidence it? These and so many more questions are where our thoughts naturally seem to go at this time of year.

Is the life that you feel will be the most nurturing to you soul the living standards that you are currently living? If not, what can you work on during the rest of the autumn and winter seasons to help you achieve that life in the coming year?


Even though the times of day and night aren’t fairly equal the overall intensity of this time is one of balance. Even the clue Libra, which occurs during this time, is about balance and symmetry. Summertime tends to be a busy season and the holiday season is generally evenly frenetic, leaving the beginning of fall to help us to find our hub of equilibrium and to ground ourselves. If you don’t already have a regular reflection tradition, this is the perfect time to begin one. Even just 15 minutes per day can help you to find your core and prepare dealing with stressors easier.

Letting Go

“Autumn is about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.” -Anonymous

I have always cherished this paraphrase and it genuinely parts up the vigour that becomes prevailing during this season. Just as the trees give up their leaves, this is the ideal time for us to give up those practices, rules, and even relationships that no longer serve us. We have been changing and germinating all time long and as such our needs have most likely likewise changed. Holding on to dead leaves does not help the tree weather the freezing of wintertime, and containing on to outdated aspects of our lives will not succour us in moving forward either.


It would be hard not to notice the bonu of the return season. Everywhere we look we can see farmer’s groceries filled to overflowing, children returning home artwork of cornucopias, and in the seasonal adornments laid out to welcome the brand-new season.

Part of preparing for the freezing experience is to see what you have in your depot. What are you in abundance of and what are you lacking? The better prepared you are, the very best you’ll be able to use the rest of the season to ensure that you can not only survive the harshness of winter, but too were living in your own way.

Creating an Alter for the Autumn Equinox

Creating an altar to celebrate the Autumn Equinox can help you to draw the vitality of the season into your life and living space. It doesn’t have to be big or grand, a simple shelf can be just as potent as a large table.

What You Will Need 😛 TAGEND

A table or shelf. An altar put-on or cloth( I personally like to add one with rich feelings to both protect the surface and to reflect the colorings of the season .) Fruits, gourds, nuts, pinecones, and anything that exemplifies the season to you. Some people like to add bronzes of deities that are associated with prosperity, the glean, and abundance. Crystal or gemstones that are affiliated with the season, such as Labradorite, Citrine, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz, Dendrite, Pyrite, and Black Obsidian. Incense:( Some suggestions are sandalwood, dragon’s blood resin, cedarwood, patchouli, and cedar .) A burn safe bowl. You can even incorporate items to reflect the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether( Spirit ).

Spend as much time as feels right in setting up and creating your altar. This is your sacred seat and you might find yourself altering components around every so often. Pay attention to what items you move as they might be trying to get a message or reading through to you.

An Autumn Meditation

Create three separate registers 😛 TAGEND

What you are grateful for? What do you want to continue to have in their own lives? What do you desire to have in your life? What do you want to create or manifest? What are you now ready to let go of, either because they are no longer relevant or why it is bracing you back from being the best version of yourself?

While you are creating these three separate listings you need to focus on what you are feeling, requiring, and writing. This becomes a meditation in and of itself. So, put off the TV and block out any other intrusions or distractions. Focus and settled all your intensity into the lists. Intent is so important in manifesting whatever it is you hope in life.

When you are done and feel that you have no more energy to pour into those slips of newspaper, burn them and sit them in the barrage safe bowl until they are nothing but ashes. When everything has burned out, make the ashes outside and secrete them to the wind.

Hug the Change

Even though many of us are poignant to see summer turn, drop has a beauty and graciousness all its own and inviting it into our lives can be a wonderful gift to ourselves.

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