White Monkey Chronicles by Isabella Ides

A gift from author Isabella Ides:

Hello FARsighters !!

This is more of two statements than an article. My novel, WHITE MONKEY CHRONICLES, which has been reviewed by Elizabeth Cunningham on the FAR locate, will be offered for FREE for five days, Oct 1st through Oct 5th. I would adore for the women of FAR to be able to take advantage of this limited offer.

The story hubs on a charlatan line-up of nuns who are collecting an undocumented, bicultural babe idol on the downlow. He’s blue. A little bit Hindu, a little bit Jew, the child is an inconvenient truth about an occasion between two Deities from opposing religions, one married, one the acclaimed bachelor-at-arms God of the bible. The Cardinals of the Great Church get wind of this illegitimate baby God and so begins the hunt. Expect an appearing by the Godma to sort out this metaphysical mess.

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Comic, Cosmic, Creative, White Monkey Chronicles is a veritable easter egg hunting of allusions to philosophers, biblical textbooks, and pop culture.

A timeless story of an orphan’s wish for a family, a lyrical ode to enjoy, or a fascinating study of doctrine and thinking – you choose your puzzle to read.

But on each and every level, it’s magically delicious.

This book is so funny! I located myself interpret transitions out loud to my family and wishing I could read the entire notebook to them. The author attacks the big questions, like…what is god? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What happens after we die? She somehow has witnessed a behavior to draw the essential points flakes from the many belief arrangements that have come and gone and glint a fresh light on the essential mysteries of life, with feeling. She sheds all our acceptances out the window and invents a tall tale that saves us wondering how it will end. Looking forward to reading it again and again, each time unlocking another mantle of represent.” A contrive within a plan, a schedule without a mean. The Godma moves in inexplicable courses, her wonders to behold !”

Here is a brief synopsis from IndieReader


WHITE MONKEY CHRONICLES: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY is a fascinating and thought-provoking walk along a multi-faceted road of thinking, spirituality, and dystopia. Its sheets are filled with prodigious text represent, plotting references, and more importantly, a extraordinary story surrounding the successor of two infringing idols and groupings of loveable, resolute nuns. Funny, academic, and insightful, author Isabella Ides has written what will surely become a classic.

FREE on AMAZON: Oct 1st through Oct 5th: http :// www.whitemonkeychronicles.com

Book Trailer: https :// youtu.be/ 4Jcv8594XTM

Isabella Ides was born for the purposes of the Hollywood clue and attended a Catholic School on Sunset Boulevard. Her father passed pursuit lights for movie openings. Thus she was bent towards stage flares and feeling flames from the do go. A poet and playwright, she considers her entry story, White Monkey Chronicles, the mother lode. Everything leads to it. And away.

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