Why Every Small Business Should Practice “Zohonomics”

Companies can be built for other things in addition to making a profit. Executives at Zoho rehearsal what they scold “Zohonomics” where they design their growing strategy around humanity instead of exactly in money terms.

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Praval Singh Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Zoho discusses how they have been able to accomplish making profits and helping people for the last 25 years.

Interview with Praval Singh

Praval describes three key aspects of Zohonomics( or as he calls it “spiritual economics” ): offset, symmetry, harmony. In detail, Zohonomics focuses on a sustainable chassis of capitalism that stresses the important of expending and nurturing expertise in local communities where people live.

He emphasizes that “talent is distributed around the world; regrettably opportunity is not”. This is why Praval states that Zoho produces the opportunities to the community since broadband Internet performs this a lot easier. This includes investing in talent that may not have college stages; “The idea is providing opportunity to those who may not have access and in return having works that germinate with your company long term. Zohonomics touch details include actively participating in community life, and having a deeper connection with them.”

Praval believes that customers benefit by choosing a company that is focused on its people rather than being its profit: “That means we can form deeper connections with the people of the company and make sure all their needs are met.” Praval also says that with Zohonomics parties stay longer at the company because they can don’t have to move and remain connected to their families. This “people continuity” is good for all customers since experience bides at the company long term.

Listen to the entire interview on the Small Business Radio Show and how your fellowship can start to practice Zohonomics.

Image: Praval Singh

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