Why you should be cautious with free will!

Hi there,

I remember a learning I afforded a woman about two years ago! During the read, she asked me if she was ever going to find true love. She too asked me if I know what her life was going to be like in the next 10 years.

First I had to explain to her that it is almost impossible to predict a person’s life ten years into the future. I tried to explain it to her that the above reasons for this was due to free will.

Free Will And How It Works

What this symbolizes is that we all have free will. And it is the choices we obligate that ascertain our future! For illustration, I have been told that during a say I will tell you what I interpret, and what I see is based on the itinerary you are currently on!

I might tell you I learn love coming to you in 8 months, and that you are going to meet a guy appointed Joe, and you will meet him at a certain place, around a certain date.

But then let’s say you meet someone else in the meantime, and decide you want to get to know that person. By doing this, you’ve really preferred a different footpath from the one I initially “ve seen you” on, you just reformed your whole ardour destiny by exerting your free will to choose!

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I too explained that we are living, originating, spiritual beings who make different choices and decisions every day! And because we are like this, our predestination alters every three to four months. I told her that this is for this reason I show a follow-up reading every three to four months because it ensures a person that they are still on the track they want to be on!

She said it realized excellent gumption, and then I told her about the man she was going to meet, in only 1 month from the day we had our read!

What Happened Next

Well, “weve had” our next say 3 months later, and she “ve been told” that really two nights after our say, she met a different guy than the one I described to her.

She said she match him at a barroom she often goes to. She said he drank a lot and was very mean to her, so she had just ceased it two days ago! She said she wished she had waited to meet the chap I told her about!

She then asked me if I still verified her gratify the same guy I seen me before. I told her that she would still assemble him, but it would be in 3 months from now because he had already met someone else in the meantime. But I told her not to worry because it would work out between them.

I told her to predict me not to get involved with anyone until they are complying with! I explained to her that if she got involved again before she encountered him, the chance for them to meet would be gone forever! She promised me she wouldn’t!

She Found True Love

I received an email from her just about two and a half months later, and she told me she encountered the guy I had described to her!

She clanged so pleased, and when we had our next reading, the euphorium in her enunciate is hard to put into words! She was so happy!

It’s been over a year since they met, and now they are engaged to be married!

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Your Free Will Can Change Your Outcomes

This is a perfect example of how your free will can change things! During a reading, I view the track “youre on”, and I can tell you what to do to stay on that path if it’s a track you want to stay on.

If you want to change it, then I can tell you how to be modified, so that you have a different outcome than the one I currently identify!

This is why I tell my clients that if you being heard during a decipher that you don’t want, “youve had” the free will to change it into whatever it is you do want!

And I can easily help you do this by commend certain mantras, stones to work with, or karma mottoes that you can use to change anything situation into the one you want it to be!

I hope this helps shed some light on free will and how it acts!

In light and quietnes,

Tana Hoy

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